Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Less is More - week 138 - Felt or Fabric

Good evening everyone!
Finally! my craft room is sorted enough to allow me to sit down & craft - so here I am with my first Less Is More Challenge in absolutely ages.

Edit after posting - I forgot to insert the link to Less is More challenge blog

After wondering what I could do with some white felt I remembered some little fabric squares - so had a search amongst them.  I decided the squares themselves would not really be LIM - so I cut out the main image.

Here is my card;

I used this lovely oval frame - which meant I also got to play with my E-bosser (first time since I unpacked it after the move).  I trimmed fairly close to the frame so that it would fit the front of this white card with a small margin but I also ran my Violet metallic Pro-Marker around the edge to create a faux layer.  The fabric butterfly has been glued to the card by its body only.

I am pleased with it & think it would probably make a rather nice Sympathy card.  I am often being asked if I can make one that isn't fussy - I think this would fit the bill.

Thank you for stopping by my little blog space - please call again.  I am hoping now that I am settled this will be a regular occurrence again.

If you would like to leave a comment that would be very much appreciated.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Zentangle card

Good morning everyone - I am back stamping at last & the style that has set me off is Zentangle.

If you haven't come across Zentangle yet it is a brilliant name for doodling & was brought into this state by an American lady who just sat & doodled in a shape & found it relaxing.  So Zen - for relaxing & tangle instead of doodle.  Mind you I think Zendoodle would have caught on too  :)

I have dabbled a bit over the last month or so & took some designs away on holiday with me - some from stencils & some stamped designs.  For zentangling with stamps the outline designs are best.

Anyway the local craft shop where I run stamping workshops had a lady coming in to teach basic zentangle so i thought I would leave my teachers hat at home & don my pupil hat for an afternoon. Very interesting it was too.  Liz took us through basic pattern building & encouraged us to branch out from those basic designs.  We then decorated a little card heart which Liz had painted & prepared for us & also a Christmas card which she had pre-stamped for us.

Here is the card;

The letter O already had the snowflake in it as part of the design - so I did a little border around the edge of it.  On reflection I find the pattern on the W a little too "black" heavy.  I ended up purchasing the stamp so will be making some more of these cards & will pattern the W a little more delicately.  All in all - thrilled with it & can't wait to do more.  To which end yesterday I sorted out some stamps that were just right for this technique & found I could give a new lease of life to stamps that hadn't been out of the draw for a while.

So watch this space!  Of course there will also be some "standard?" stamping as well.

Thank you for stopping by - I am sorry it has been so bitty recently - but I have had a busy year.  Now it is time to settle down to more creativity.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Hi again
I have just noticed that whilst I was on holiday my third blogaversary came & went on the 7th September.

Ah well, never mind.  I really can't believe I started this 3 years ago - possibly due to the fact that a couple of times there have been long gaps between blog posts.  I hope to put that right now that holidays are over & move to new house & wedding have gone off well.

More later.

Back from holiday

Hi everyone
I am back off holiday & where I was the Internet connection was not so hot - so i couldn't get a good connection to blog.  Much too slow.

Well! we are now definitely in the season of Christmas card making, although I am sure that many of you already have a good number made.  It is now my time to start - so watch this space over the next few days - if you want to see how I get on.

'Bye for now.