Wednesday, 28 March 2012

woyww #147

Oh dear, oh dear - I am late for a very important date ............................ It's WOYWW day.

Before I show you the photos, & I promise to be brief as Julia asked, but I just need to say a few thank yous.  A big thank you to all you lovely ladies who visited my desk last week & for those of you who left your best wishes & encouragement for my sugar paste flowers.  Unfortunately I was unable to reproduce the flowers & my god-daughter has decided to have fresh flowers.  I am very disappointed that I failed - but that is the way it goes sometimes.

Now for my desk ................

I have just somethings around but as you can see the middle photo shows the left overs of a card making session, some new stamps waiting to be used. & some swap tags waiting to be made & swapped.  The basket contains all my hand made cards which I have put ready for the next fund raising.  They even have a card in front saying what's behind.  So organised! - for now - it won't last.

I am off to link this to WOYWW at The Stamping Ground, then start to have a look round & what you have all been up to.  Is WOYWW a new idea to you - then click on the link above & go see.  Have fun.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

just a little chat

Hi everyone
I have a suspicion that anyone who pops into my blog on a regular basis will be just a little mystified by my past posting (Friday 23rd) - not my usual sort of chatting.

Well! I will let you into a little secret - that post was meant for the blog I run for members of my clubs I run.  I just went to the wrong one that's all.  If I only had a brain!!!!!

Never mind, you now know I have 2 papier mache drawer units that will be on my desk (or the bed) awaiting altering.  They are only little drawer units - 3 drawers in each, really quite cute.  I am not even sure if I need them - what am I saying?  Of course I need them - but perhaps not right now. Anyway we will see how long before I actually get round to doing something with them & deciding what I am going to put in them.  Of course the next thing to think about will be where am I going to put them.

Thank you for popping in I assure you I am quite sane really - I just seem to lose the plot every now & again. :)

Friday, 23 March 2012

just chatting

Hi ladies

I had a really nice day today with my neighbour Sylvia - in our visit to "The Range".  We went to the Blackburn branch.

They have a reasonably good sized craft section - but a little of lots of things.  None the less I did find some good things.  I bought a set of unmounted stamps that were all cars.  I walked around the selection several times deciding I would buy them then changing my mind, then changing it again.  I also bought a couple of sets of papier mache drawer units.  I fancy doing some "altering" on them - ooh yes & a sort of picture frame with 3 recesses (also in papier mache).

The journey home was a little fraught as the M6 was really clogged up by a broken down lorry.

When I got home tonight I had an email from my friend about the flowers for the cake - her daughter has decided on fresh flowers.    So! now all I have to do is to make the sponge tier.

I hope you all have a really nice weekend - it looks like we are going to have some good weather - so have fun.

Night night - more tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Some gift tags

Some time ago I joined a group where we make & exchange tags.  I have fallen a bit behind with my efforts recently -but today, in a respite from wedding flowers, I got several made.  At least I got the stampibng done & tomorrow I shall look at them again to see what embellishments may or may not be required - & of course attach some ribbon or fibres.

I really enjoy using inks & a blending tool to colour the tags, or any card I am using.  I decided to do all the stamping in black for impact.

I will look again later at them & decided whether anything else happens.

Thank you for stopping by please leave a comment.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Using the toppers

Good afternoon everyone - what another nice day it has been.

I thought I would show some of the cards that I have made from the toppers that were on WOYWW last week.  All the cards are very simple in their design & will be used for fund-raising;

As you can see from the last 2 - I made the decoupage go as far as I could & got 2 cards for the price of one.  The cards themselves look a little grey but were actually a very light cream.  Must be the lighting in my room.

Amongst the toppers that were on my desk was a red sports car - that too has been used for my entry in CD Sunday challenge.  See my previous post.

Now to sort some items for my next card - this time some stamping.

See you soon.

CD Sunday challenge - Spots & Dots

Good afternoon everyone.

Just had to pop back in & edit the post, as I had forgotten to put the link to CD Sunday

I decided today that I really must enter some challenges - so popped over to CD Sunday to see what was happening there.  Spots & Dots!

Whilst moving things around on my desk in order to work on my card I uncovered some paper I had printed from a CD & decided even though it is stretching things a bit I would use it anyway.

Here is the card;
Sadly the background paper is the only item in this card to come from a CD, & I used MCS Papercraft Library Vol 6 - "Men-y Happy Returns".  The car is a die-cut decoupage image that I put together about a week ago (along with quite a few others) & it was just waiting to be used.  The red ribbon just tied everything together & I could not resist the "va va voom".

Thank you for stopping by, please leave a comment - it is so nice to hear from everyone.

'Bye for now.

woyww #146

Good morning, good morning, good morning - as the great Stephen Fry would say.

Happy WOYWW day.  I am sorry but I didn't get around to many desks last week as I have been rather busy as you will read below, but perhaps this week I might manage more..  In the meantime thank you to all of you who visited my desk & thank you also for your comments.

I am afraid my desk this morning is quite boring - & tidy -

On this view of my desk is some paperwork ready for - I hope - a CD challenge & a card for a 70th birthday which just requires the insert to be put inside.

here's the view of the corner & you can see the 2 piles of cards that I completed from the toppers that were on last weeks desk.  A new addition to the tidying - is the wooden box on top of the drawer unit.  It originally held a bottle of mulled wine & I realised it was just the right size to hold my cans of spray glitter & glue etc.

Those cards are the only crafting I have done this week as it has been rather taken up with a more pressing problem.  The flowers for my god-daughters wedding cake.  She eventually chose to have Lisianthus (which I had never heard of before) & I am experiencing some difficulty in reproducing them in sugar paste.  I am having another practise today taking a slightly different approach - so here is hoping.  She may have to have real flowers on the cake, as there is only 2 weeks today to go.

If you are reading this post & have no idea why I am showing you my desk pop over to Julia's blog at  The Stamping Ground & see what this is all about.  Have a lovely day, I am off to link this to Julia's blog. 
'Bye for now.

Friday, 16 March 2012

I need help with a card..................please

Well actually I need to make 2 cards - one for May & one for June.  The difficulty?  Why no creativity rushing to the fore?  Well there is some & I have only been asked today.
They are both for Indian weddings. 
Having started to ask this question of all you wonderful bloggers & card makers I realise I must go back to the lady requesting them to check the religious sect they are for, as this could affect some aspects of the design I would think.  I know she wants red & white on them & I would think some gold & bling would not go amiss. 

I have had a long day with 2 long drives - to & from an event - so I will put my brain in gear tomorrow.  In the meantime all ideas gratefully received & I will keep you posted.

Hope you have all had a fund day - have a great weekend.  I hope to catch up on my snoop around the WOYWW blogs - I am running late.   Many thanks to those of you have visited my desk & left lovely comments

Bye for now!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A lovely thank you

Hi everyone

Last week I received the most beautiful thank you card that I felt I really had to share with you.  it came from a couple of ladies who attend one of my rubber stamping clubs, which makes it rather special.  Here it is

I don't think the photograph does it justice as it is in lovely shades of almost chocolatey (is that how it is spelt?) colours - along with that pale green butterfly.  It was very much appreciated - I just had to share it.  Thank you ladies - you know who you are.

A workshop

Good evening everyone

Well! what a busy day.  I tried to get my entry on WOYWW in early but still I was 48th.  I had a look around at several desks then had to take time out to sort out my new car.  It had developed a flat tyre which I needed them to look at - turned out to be a nail.. Thankfully it has been replaced - no cost to me - as when I did the test drive we noticed the tyres were a bit soft - so that must have been the cause.

Next,  I had a workshop at my local craft shop - that is - me the tutor not me the pupil.  Today it was scrap booking & I asked if the ladies would mind if I took some photos to record it.  They readily agreed & I have some photos to show you & they are happy for me to continue to record their progress.  These workshops, that I run from time to time at my local craft workshop, are supposed to only run when there are 3 or 4 people booked on them.  Today one lady did not turn up.  Now! - it is just not within me to turn the others away.  Well you can't say - sorry - go home - can you.  So there were just 2 ladies.  I am so glad I didn't turn them away as we had a great afternoon, & I am very pleased to say they were happy with the results of their work.

They are happy for me to record the workshops with photos - so here is the first couple.  I have not got close to their work this time as both had some very personal details on them.  But I will take some photos later of their pages providing it can be done without compromising them in any way.

This photo shows them busy working on their choice of background papers & embellishments.  Also whether to crop or not & what size page to make.  Both went with 8x8 albums.  So! first set of decisions over.

Just a longer view of the table & all the papers etc there for them to use.

I found advising them on what to do with their photos meant I started thinking of my own & when they took a break during the session I discovered amongst my box that I had brought in with me - a pack of photos.  So I started sorting those into stories & thinking how I would scrap book them.  So, next time I hope to have a page of my own to show them.  This could be good to get me a little more up to date with all my photos.

Well! that is me for today.  I need to go & have a look at more of those WOYWW desks.  How will I ever manage to look at them all?

Happy crafting!  Thank you for dropping by.

woyww 145

Wow! It's Wednesday again.

Oh all right then - here in my little world it is still Tuesday.  But I will not be doing anything more at my desk until about mid-day tomorrow so it is how it will look in the morning.

Not heard of WOYWW  before?  Then pop over to Julia at The Stamping Ground & find out all about it.  Then have some fun & join in.

If you have been before you may notice quite a change.  I needed more actual working desk space - so have had a rethink.  It isn't finished yet - so here we go ..........

Last week one woyww visitor was curious about my little boxes in the background.  I think the company is called "The Really Useful" Box Company.  Sixteen of them are in a compartmental unit & the others are all individual boxes.  I keep useful small things in them - eyelets, brads, my foam pads for Distress Inks, small die cut pieces, buttons.  One of them even holds the crystal glitter that I use from time to time.  I am not a great glitter person.  Some are still empty - but anything small I want to hang on to goes in a box - where I can find it. On my desk are some more of those "use it up" decoupage items I had started working on about 18 months ago.  I pulled another load out of the box this afternoon & put them together.  Their envelopes & cards are ready for them at the side & I will put them together tomorrow.  The spotty box has cards in that I am taking to a fund-raising morning on Friday.  The little purple card art the front is one I entered a recent challenge with & has proved to be just right for our Grand-daughters birthday on Friday.,

This shows a little further along the desk with one of the small drawer units still on the desk.  The purple box on the top of it holds my acrylic blocks & things like scissors, tweezers etc are stored in these great little fabric buckets.

But ..... what to do with the rest of the drawer units & boxes that were on the desk last week?  Well until I sort them & decide where they will live they are here .......

............ on the spare bed which takes up room in my craft room.  Even my nice new roll storage for my Promarkers is on the bed at the moment,.  More work on this over next few days.,  Please come back next week & see if I have managed to sort it.

I am now going to save this to draft so that I can post it first thing in the morning, then find time to have a good look around everyone else's desks.  Have fun everyone.,

Thursday, 8 March 2012

two cards from yesterday

Hi - welcome to my blog

Yesterday I joined in WOYWW which showed what was on my desk but I had one card that showed in the photo & one card that seemed to have disappeared from my desk.  So here they are to show you what I had managed the day before,.

This is the card that was visible on my desk.  It was made with my current trend of masking an area & then colouring it with Distress Inks by using shaving style brushes.  What am I saying - my brushes are shaving brushes.

There is a fun story here - as I state in my profile I run a couple of clubs & recently we needed to use these brushes to produce backgrounds on a project.  One lady knew where she could get the brushes at a very reasonable price & offered to get them for me.  She took 11 to the cash point & got some very strange looks. Bless her.

After applying the Distress Inks - which were - wild honey & fired brick, I stamped the tree which is one of a set I think from Kanban. I used Memento black.  To ground the tree I used a Barbara Gray trick - I used the tips of a set of three trees to do this.  Afterwards I still didn't like the bottom line so I adhered a piece of black ribbon along the bottom.  Then, even after that I wasn't sure I felt it was finished & ended up adding another line of black ribbon at the top.  The whole thing was then finished off with a sentiment from the same set.

This card is totally out of my normal style - but the stamps were part of a free set on a magazine.  I need to make a note to myself to record where these stamps come from - because I am sure it is good to be able to say which magazine.  Anyway I just happened to see it amongst my stamps & thought it was about time I used it.  Again the image was stamped with Memento black - then I coloured it with a great set of watercolour paints that have a similar appearance to H2O's - but only cost £1.99 (or it might have been £2.99),  from The Works a couple of years ago.  They have a lovely iridescent finish when dry.  I enjoyed making this card it was fun, & I am sure one day I will find the right person to send it to.

Then later yesterday I dropped into my "use it up" or "don't scrap it" mode & made some cards from the decoupage Christmas sheets that had been sat on my desk.  I am actually not a great decoupage-er (oops! what a word), but I do like the effect.  I may have bought these sheets last Christmas I cannot remember, but I like to get as much out of them as I can & the cards produced are usually used for charity or other fund raising. Here they are
this one the image was trimmed to fit the square card

this one is the 3-d layer of the first card & the sentiment that was trimmed from it

this is another one that I trimmed to fit the card & the only 3-d piece is the present

this one is the 3-d layer from the one above along with the sentiment that I had once again trimmed off

this one was a little spray all on its own - I must have used the main image at Christmas the sentiment didn't fit well along the bottom so I put it on its side.

these 2 photos show the left overs - so I can see 4 ATC's (which will inevitably become toppers), 2 tags & another lonely ATC.

So a good day - something new & something recycled.

Thank you for popping in I hope to see you again soon.

Popping in to say Hi!

Hi everyone
I have just popped in quickly to say not only hi but "wow".

I have 5 new followers & 14 comments on my WOYWW post - the most I have ever had.  It does feel very good.

So welcome to - May, Sandee, Mary Mac, Needlewings & Cate Cuddles - thank you for joining my little band of followers & I hope you enjoy your visits.  I look forward to seeing you.

I will be back a little later with those 2 photographs of the cards I made on Tuesday afternoon - ooh & some quick Christmas cards I made yesterday.

'Bye for now.  Have fun!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WOYWW - #144

Good morning WOYWWers

I popped in quite early & took a peek at some of your desks & got the shock of my life to see how many had already posted their link.  You must all get up really early or, I guess a good way to do it, is to take a photo last thing at night on Tuesday when you finished working.  Then the post can be scheduled for the next morning early.  Hmm! whether you do that or not I think it is an idea for me.

Anyway after all that - here is my desk -

Not too untidy but just as I left it yesterday showing a card I had just made, some Lily of the Valley digistamps & colouring pencils which were free with a recent magazine & some Christmas decoupage that I unearthed when looking for something else.  As you do.  On there somewhere there should be another card that I also made during the afternoon - wonder where it is?

Is this the first time you have seen WOYWW & wonder what it is all about?  Well pop over to Julia's blog at The Stamping Ground & check it out.  It is great fun.

I am off to link this to this to The Stamping Ground, then I need to spend a little time being domesticated then I will go back & look at some more desks.  After that I will be back with photos of the 2 cards from yesterday & the quick Christmas cards I made from that decoupage on my desk.

Have a fun day, 'bye for now.

Monday, 5 March 2012

just chatting & a new follower

Hi everyone

Just dropping in to welcome a new follower - GSP Crafts - I think the lady's name is Sharon, but not certain.  So forgive me if I have that wrong.  Welcome to my little part of blogland I hope you enjoy your visits.

I found GSP Crafts when I was looking to pass on my recently won award.  There are some great items on the website & she makes the most amazing mini books - which is what I found so interesting.  Do go & take a look - just click on the web name at the beginning of this paragraph.

I don't have any new crafting to show today as I have been busy organising paperwork & finances for my new car (that is new to me - not new new) - which I will be picking up on Friday.  I can't wait.  That is such a silly statement because I can't do anything else but wait, can I!

Hope to have something more crafty for you tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Crafts4Eternity Challenge #R61

Yes! it is me back again - 3 times in one day.

This time it is to show you the card I made for the challenge over at Crafts4Eternity where the theme is "Digital Delights".

I knew I had some digital stamps from when I had won some earlier challenges. The one I chose to use was in a file marked  "miscellaneous", which is sad because it means I cannot give the credit for the design.

Here is the card

The square card is a lovely crisp white but for someone reason my photography makes it look a lightly tinged blue colour, & the yellow flowers do not look as bright as they are in real life.  I printed the digistamp onto a piece of super smooth decoupage paper & then coloured it in with my Promarkers using tulip yellow, peach, canary, orchid, rose pink, cerise, bright orange, leaf green & pine.  Having coloured it in the decision had to be made as to mounting it.  i do not have a lot of frame dies & so none of those I had truly fitted the shape of the image.,  So in the end I cut in a random manner around the image with deckle edge scissors.  I then ran the pine green Promarker around the cut edge so that it would show up on the card.  I had a set of stamps that were a free gift on a magazine some months ago & chose the "thank you" stamp to put in the middle of the floral wreath.  The card still needed a little more so I coloured some white ribbon with the Leaf Green Promarker & added that down the side with a "knot" bow - or should that be "not bow"??? 

A nice clean & simple card.

Once again thank you for dropping in.  I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Less is More & Stamptacular Sunday Challenges

Well! here I am back again today because as I said in the previous post I have had a good day with my card making.

This next card I am entering into two challenges - on is the Less is More Challenge where there is a colour theme & the other is the Stamptacular Sunday where the theme is "Text Me".

Here is the colour swatch for the challenge at Less Is More, anything through cream, brown, black;

Here is the card I made

The card is a very pale cream  In a piece of folded copy paper, I created a torn irregular rectangle aperture. Through the aperture I stamped the flower spray twice with Versamark ink & embossed with clear EP. Then using shaving style brushes I coloured the card through the aperture with Adirondack inks starting with Latte, then Caramel & finally on the right side & bottom edge only I used Espresso. After brushing the Latte ink onto the card I used a tissue to remove the colour from the embossed image, which I then repeated when I used the Caramel ink.  I then stamped the image again this time with the Espresso ink, which I also used for the sentiment.  The little bow is in fine black ribbon.  I kept changing my mind about the bow, but finally decided I did want to have it on the card.

Having made the card I realised that the text on it qualified it for the Allsorts challenge too.

I am really pleased with this card & can see myself using this type of layout more often.

I am now off to link this post to the two challenges.  One again thank you for popping to take a look at my little blog - I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Please leave a comment & say hello.

CD Sunday & Allsorts Challenge

Good evening everyone

I have had a very productive day today - when the creative juices seemed to be flowing.  This first post is about the card I made initially for the CD Sunday Challenge & then I later spotted it would probably fit the Allsorts Challenge as well.

Over at CD Sunday Challenge the theme is "Imagine" & I tried to imagine what this lovely character was thinking of. Then over at Allsorts Challenge the theme is "Spread your Wings" - well my lovely character has spread her wings.

Here is the card & then the way I created it

First I must say that the photo does make my images & background look rather blue when they are in fact different shades of lilac.  Why does that happen?  I notice on other blogs quite a few people make the same statement.

The background papers are plain & in fact are taken from the "colours" section on the CD, which is  MCS Illustrious Images CD2.  The image also comes from the same CD.  I used one of my scalloped dies to cut out the main image & then added some flat back gems to decorate. Behind the image is a small doily that I have recoloured with a Promarker to match the image & background papers.  The bow at the top of the card is one of those where you punch 2 holes a small distance apart & then thread a piece of ribbon from the front to the back, cross them over at the back & bring the ends up through opposite holes to create a faux bow.  The ends are then trimmed to opposite angles.  I had the idea, from absolutely nowhere, to put the greeting peel off on a matching piece of ribbon. I think it mainly came about because I didn't want to waste even that small piece of ribbon - which by the way was originally white & I used my Promarkers to colour it to match the card.

I hope you like my little card.  I am now off to link it to its challenge blogs & then I will be back to tell you about the other challenges I made cards for.

Thank you for popping in - please leave a comment so that I know you have visited.  All comments welcome.

Friday, 2 March 2012

CD Sunday challenge - Recycling

When I first saw what the challenge was over on CD Sunday challenge I new just what I was going to do, as I had an item by my chair that I had recently thought was right for recycling.  Plus I felt I could find something to recycling on it as well - which is closer to what the challenge is about.

When I started to think about it in detail I realised that with everything else there was for me to do this week I was giving myself too big a task.  So a search in the box of bits & pieces that I am always supposedto be using & a look under piles of paper on my desk revealed an item to use.  Here is the card & details

The pink silk-look background paper & the focal image come from the MCS Deco Follies CD. The recycled part is a Friendly Plastic item that I made a couple of years ago with a stamped image of pansies adhered to it.  It is all set on a black card & I found some black shiny ribbon which unravelled easily.  So I deliberately unravelled the  end to give it a fringe appearance.  Then just finished it off with flat back gold pearls.  The pink background paper - in real life - is identical to my pink pansies but it doesn't look so in the photo.

I am trying hard to use up stash & not create any more bits.  I know that will be impossible - but whilst I was looking at all the images & papers on the CD I actually chose w backgrounds & 2 images to use.  I thought it would be easier to make a decision on which one when I had printed them off.  Having made the decision which ones to use & to save the others from becoming bits in a box, I used them straight away to make another card.  But there is no recycling on it.

I love this era & it was very tempting to print off even more whilst I was looking - but no! no! - not until I have used up some more of my large collection of stash.  I wonder how long before I weaken!!

'Bye for now - I am off to link this post to the CD Sunday Challenge - thank you for popping in.

Please leave a message to say you have been here. 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

More "recycling" - "don't scrap" cards

Good afternoon everyone & what an absolutely beautiful day.  That sunshine really warms the cockles of your heart doesn't it?

When joining in the "Don't Scrap it" challenge on Less is More earlier this week I unearthed some decoupage that I had created back in 2010.  Yes I know it's a bit of time for it to be sitting around but I put them together after coming out of hospital when all I was allowed to do was sit in my chair.  Once I got active again they slipped to the back of my memory, & my craft room by the looks of it.  Anyway when I decided to sit down for a little while this afternoon & make some cards I thought it would be a good idea to use them.

Here is the result of my work
A beautiful pink rose - I have also had these aperture cards around for quite a while - so a real recycle session.

A yellow rose that unfortunately is a bit blurred.

I am not sure what these flowers are - they look like (by the leaf) to be of the primrose family

Another red rose

Very spring like - beautiful tulips

The next 3 cards didn't look right on the creamy aperture cards so I put them on white card, although they look a bit blue in the photos.

Morning Glory - I think

These flowers are some sort of daisy - I thought Michaelmas, but they don't grow like that.

A pink version

Eight cards - not a bad afternoon's work.  Yes! very happy with that.  But tomorrow I must do some stamping.

Before I go I must welcome a new follower - Marie of Craft Owl  thank you for joining my little band of followers I hope you enjoy your visits.

Happy St David's Day

Happy St David's Day

Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant hapus