Friday, 1 August 2014

A decision has been made

Hello everyone

It is an obvious fact that I have not been blogging for just over 2 months now & for a while as well my posts have been fairly intermittent.

I first started this blog on 7 September 2010 & used it to showcase my rubber stamping interest.
Later I got quite taken with digital crafting & after some consideration decided to start a blog for that work, as the title of "Ink on my Fingers" did not fit  - I started that one 1 January 2013. For quite a while the 2 ran quite nicely alongside each other. But I now think I have stretched myself too far.

If I don't do any digital work - nothing gets blogged & vice versa with stamping.  So the decision is to put them back together again along with any other crafting interest I take a liking for.

BUT to that end I am starting a NEW blog.

This blog & my digital blog will stay "live" for quite a while & I will put a link on the new blog for anyone who might like to take a peek back in time.

I would like to say thank you to those of you who became followers of "Ink on my Fingers" & hope that perhaps you will join me in my new blog.

First post on the new blog .............. Friday 1 August 2014 .............. 12 noon

'Bye for now

Oh dear - where is my head - how do you get to my new blog?

Click HERE

& make your way to
"My Crafty Corner"

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