Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A great card shape

Hello again

I have decided that I will show here the cards that I make whether they have stamping or not.

Recently at a meeting of one of my clubs, a member showed us how to make this stretch card. I just fell in love with the shape - but added my own take on it.

Here is the first one I made;

I made something very similar quite a few years ago - but we called it cascade card then.  The cascade part is a stand alone card but I added mine to a folded base card for a change.

Ooh! nearly forgot - there is some stamping on this one - the "Happy Birthday".

The second version I added another little "my touch";

This one is for our son & daughter-in-law for their wedding anniversary.  At one point I discovered I had cut one set of the papers wrong.  I had forgotten to turn the shape over - so I had 2 pieces the same.  I didn't have enough of the floral paper for it so had to use the stripes - but I decided to use it with the stripes going the other way (horizontally)  I am quite pleased with the recovery.

The difference in this one?  I have filled in the space at the top of the cascade where it sits on the base card.
There is another already in the pipe line for another birthday that is due.  These will look really great for Christmas too.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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