Tuesday, 11 February 2014

sad cards to make

Hello everyone
Sadly with this new year only about 6 weeks old I have had three sympathy cards to make. Because at all happy times i send handmade cards I feel it is only right to do the same at sad times. Mainly, I have to say, that commercial cards can be a little over the top.

I am not sure why I made the top one in cream as I usually make all sympathy cards in white.

Looking on a happier side - I have two colleagues both preganant & expecting in early March - so some happy cards to look forward to making.

Thank you for stopping by - please call again.


Deborah Frings said...

I think they are all just lovely. It's always so hard to make sympathy cards, that's why I make mine when I don't actually need them - you know what I mean! I do like the cream one!

Mistys Mum said...

Thank you for your kind comments Deborah. x

Misti said...

Sympathy cards are hard for me to make. These are all beautiful!

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

I hardly ever make Sympathy cards but yours are simply beautiful. So is your very cute Yorkshire terrier .My Nan had a yorkie called Pip , he was a real character and loved tea in a saucer.Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. janex