Monday, 10 February 2014

More mixed media on the way!

Hello everyone I hope you have all avoided the snow that fell in my area this morning.  It came down quite thick but soon turned to sludge & now the sun is out & you wouldn't know there had been any.  That may not be the case in other parts of North Wales though.

Last night, just before going to sleep, my mind started ticking over as to what my next mixed media project would be.  Isn't it annoying when that happens - as - I don't know about you, but then I find it hard to shut my mind off & go to sleep.

Anyway I remembered that some years ago I attended a trade workshop being organised by Kars & I was invited along by the lady who owned the craft shop that I did my workshops at.  One of the things we learnt about was a new product (then) of a scrapbook picture frame.  We were given one each to use along with various papers to decorate the front with.  Unfortunately we didn't have time to get very far with this as it was the last item of the day.  My late night thoughts reminded me that I had never gone back to it & finished it.  Here was my next project!  Also towards the end of the day there was a lucky draw where various items were won & I won another of these boards.  So, perhaps 2 projects are in the pipeline.

Here are some photos;

This is how it has looked since that day.  It has been covered in a grey distressed looking paper & inked with black ink pad around the edges.

These are the papers that I was given - the white sheet is a script embossed piece of card.
Perhaps this was where my liking for black & white started.

This is the one that I won in the draw - as you can see - still in it's packaging.
But - hopefully not for too long, now.

So now I have something definite to work towards & it will of course include some stamping. I hope to get started on it at the weekend - at least get ideas in my mind & materials put together. Why not pop back from time to time & see how it's going?

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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