Sunday, 1 December 2013

mixed media

Oh dear!
I think I have the bug.
After quite a few days of watching You-tube videos & one in particular - by Misty Russell  (It just had to be, didn't it?).  I have checked the link by the way & it does seem to work correctly.  

The video in particular that caught my eye was about papers you have but don't use because they are just not quite right?  Then they get left in your stash - seemingly never to be used.  I have watched her video a couple of times & each time I have been thinking I really should see what I can do.  Tonight I took the bull by the horns. I haven't followed the video completely stage by stage, but taken the basics & adapted them to what I have.

This was truly an "Ink on my fingers" moment.

I was going to take photos at each stage - but got carried away.  But, at least, here is the piece of paper after it had been treated with Gesso - you can just see the design beneath;

& it became this ..................

As I said earlier I intended to photograph each stage - but got carried away - anyway as I say -  here is the finished paper.

After covering the paper with Gesso I then added some texture by using a Stamps Away mask & Flexible Filler ( which I bought from B&Q - it's as good as those texture pastes).  I placed one at the top & one at the bottom on opposite corners.  I decided then to dry the whole paper with the heat gin. (Oops I meant heat gun - I haven't had any gin - I promise!!!)  I then moved into an area I have not ventured into for some while - misting sprays!  I had bought some quite a while ago from The Stamp Man - then - as we do, I had not used them.  Anyway - a little shake & a thump against the palm of my hand & they mixed up well.  So I sprayed about 3 different colours on to the paper. It was looking good.

Just recently I picked up a pack of sequin waste - but with smaller holes - can't remember where from.  So I took out a piece of that & cut off a narrow piece which I then inked with Versamark Ink.  I then placed this ink side down on the paper & pressed quite firmly.  Next stage was to pour silver EP over it & heat it with the heat gun.    Wow! I really have surprised myself.  Next I found a script stamp & inked it with Versafine Onyx Black - then randomly stamped it on the paper.  I did not mount the stamp on a block - which is the method I have seen done on these videos.

This piece of "new" paper will get used unlike it's base paper.  But it is a shame in a way that with what I have done with it the original design no longer shows.  I want to work on that & see if I can manage to retain some of the original pattern.

Thank you for visiting my little blog - please call again.

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