Sunday, 1 December 2013

mixed media canvas

I had my first foray into mixed media work recently & attended a workshop at Peerless Designs.

I have to say I am completely smitten & in a weeks time I am attending another workshop there where we are going to include a photo. I have been playing a little in the meantime though & watching lots of You-tube videos.  I fancy trying altered paper & including my stamps - so watch this space.

Here is my first canvas.  If I am honest I am not too thrilled with the finish or the colours - but hey it is the first one!  Also I know that I can go over it with white acrylic & start again if I so wish. Still thinking about that idea.

The finished canvas.
It uses die-cuts, stencils & flexible filler, dry wall tape, acrylic paint, torn sheet music.

Here are some progress shots

Adding the sheet music - that is a shadow top right not the start of blue paint

Stencil work using flexible filler to produce some texture

Die - cuts being added

The gentle start to colouring using acrylic paints.

I never would have thought I would enjoy something like - especially if you think of the title of this little blog!

Back later. Thank yu for stopping by.

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starcyl said...

Gloria this is lovely and if I were you I wouldn't change it, I think it's good to look back once you've been doing it a while and see your first attempt. I am hoping to get over and do one of these workshops so you never know I may see you there.
Jenny xx