Monday, 21 October 2013

Using up stash

Having just moved house & having the luxury of a new reasonably large craft room I am slowly finding items that haven't seen light of day for a while.  So, today I decided to go through things & have a "find it use it" day.

One box contained fabric squares - so they have now been trimmed & glued to card to make them firmer.  I am waiting to make sure the adhesive dries properly before cutting them out.  There are 8 Christmas designs & 4 butterfly designs, plus 2 "homespun" that have already been glued to card & cut out.

They will fit on 5x5 square cards which will leave me room to embellish around them with stamps.  That will probably be tomorrows task.

Thank you for stopping by, if you have time before you go perhaps you would leave a comment - they are very much appreciated.

1 comment:

Christine said...

They are lovely Gloria and you have reminded me I have some 'somewhere'.
I wonder where I have that saying before lol
They do make lovely cards once they are dry.
Christine xx