Thursday, 10 October 2013

Just chatting

In recent months my posts on here have been a bit lacking - that is due to many things which I have already covered in posts.  Wedding - moving house.

Part of moving house was getting a craft room organised - which I have now done.  Well more or less - there is still work to be done.  It is an essential requirement that the room has to hold the spare bed (for visitors) - but I think I have found the right balance.

It has gone from this;

to this

& it is a great place to work in.

Also over the last 8 - 10 months the subject of craft workshops that I run at a local craft shop have changed.  All of a sudden there has been a surge of interest in crochet. So much so that I am not teaching it at 2 different craft shops.  I taught myself to crochet many years ago at the age of 15 - it is a non-paper craft that I absolutely love, but I also took a postal crochet course with a great lady called Pauline Turner.  So quite a bit of my time has been taken up with organising crochet workshop along with a sensible course progress.  I now have 5 separate groups running & the whole thing is very rewarding & most important of all has renewed my own interest for crochet. So crochet projects are in hand.

Because of this I have decided that although when I am crocheting I am not getting ink on my fingers - I am still crafting, therefore I will blog info on how that area of my crafting life is going.  I do not like these long gaps in blogging when I do not get as much stamping done as I would like. But then of course, with Christmas approaching that has to change.

I  hope you will like reading about that side of my craft interest as well as my stamping.

Thank you for stopping by & I hope you will return again soon.

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