Thursday, 15 August 2013


How silly am I?  Whilst I was preparing this post I got interrupted - so saved it in order to go back to it a bit later.  Age does not come on it's own - it brings many other things - like - a lousy memory.  Sorry I am late - hope it still counts.

Yes! it's Wednesday & time to go & have a look at what other crafters have got on their desks. Why do that - well the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground thought it would be a good idea to be nosey & see what people around the world are up to.  You can see it was a successful idea - this is week 219.
But of course before I go off on my desk travelling I need to show my desk first & here it is;

I had been sorting out my boxes of "stuff" & putting them away in an "organised" manner on my new large book-case & this was the state of my desk.  Some stamps I had been working with - a Zentangle card I had made yesterday along with some of my little really useful boxes.  During my sort out I found a box with about 8 of those little boxes in - so there is another one somewhere as I had quite a lot of them on my desk at the old house.  Just edging out of the photo is a wooden plaque that says "Create" - I am going to decorate it & so I am trying to think of how I am going to do it.  At the moment some zentangle patterns is ahead on the ideas.  We will see.

Thought you might like a quick update on the look of the room this week;

view from lounge door

computer desk

new large bookcase - back to lounge door

craft desk

But there are still some boxes in the corner I am not showing - to be unpacked.  That is tomorrows job.

Thank you for dropping in to my little blog I hope you enjoyed your visit & that you will call again.


Mrs.D said...

Hi Misty's Mum,
Just thought I would look at your blog, I often visit the last person at Julia's place so you have that 'honour' today.
I love you Zentangle card, it is so effective, I do think black and white is so effective. What a well organised craft room, you must be very pleased with it, and is there a view outside the window behind the craft desk? Something green out there but not easy to see.
Have a good rest of the week
Chris No 51

glitterandglue said...

What a wonderful looking room - and such an industrious looking desk! Well done - you are getting there.
have a great week.
Margaret #69

Julia Dunnit said...

Well, i hope that the tomorrow job is done and dusted as I'm so late! Har har, I wouldn't have done it by now, for sure! really like the idea of a zentangle decorated would be so unique.

Suzy said...

Love your zentangle and your well organized room, so neat and clean! The storage on the wall looks great.
Like they say, Better late than never...I'm the last entry a day late too. I'm new to WOYWW so I hope you'll stop by and visit me. Suzy#139.

cyndee starr said...

Lookin good

ike said...

Great zentangle card and super looking studio....some verrrry interesting looking boxes there I'd love to rummage through :-D

Sorry for the late visit :-)


IKE xx #99

April Story said...

Your craft room is looking good. It looks like your new large bookcase will be great storage. April #120