Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A craft room grows ............

....... & hopefully will also be getting tidier.

I have some photos of the progress of sorting my craft room - I now have my large bookcase built & in use.  It holds lots of boxes of things & could hold more if they were a more uniform shape & size.  But hey - I am getting there.

This is the view looking toward the window, as I step down from the lounge.

The view of the crafting desk under the window with a bookcase to the left & also one against the wall at the right

A closer look at the book case on the right where boxes of paper & card, & also Martha Stewart folders that hold many of my unmounted stamps, reside.

Looking back toward the lounge door - new big bookcase on the left.  Look at my lovely colourful boxes - all with labels so I know what is inside.    Blank label equals empty box.

Other desk - computer & digital work goes on here.  You can also see the other bookcase now - this has my collection of A5 folders on the middle shelf that holds all my crafting CD's - the top shelf has scrapbooks on them - both started & empty, plus a paper-making kit still in its box..  The lower shelf has all my family history folders - another interest of mine.  Right on the top of the bookcase are a couple of unused boxes - my music CD's in a canvas box - my portable CD player along with a box of "Learn French" CD's.

Opposite the lounge door - the boxes still to be sorted.  It is not all craft though & in amongst the boxes is a pine bed which has to go down in this room.  Mind you it has drawers beneath it - very very useful.  :)

Today I sorted all those little boxes on the big book cases, labelling them during which task I found that one or two boxes were only partly used & contained the same type of items - so putting those things together freed up another couple of boxes.

Tomorrow once I have had a play with stamps & new Christmas die's - its continue with sorting the big boxes.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope you enjoyed your visit & please come back again.

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