Friday, 16 August 2013

New follower

Hi everyone - just popping in to welcome a new follower to my little blog.

Welcome Susie Murray I hope you enjoy your visits & thank you for becoming a follower.

Thursday, 15 August 2013


How silly am I?  Whilst I was preparing this post I got interrupted - so saved it in order to go back to it a bit later.  Age does not come on it's own - it brings many other things - like - a lousy memory.  Sorry I am late - hope it still counts.

Yes! it's Wednesday & time to go & have a look at what other crafters have got on their desks. Why do that - well the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground thought it would be a good idea to be nosey & see what people around the world are up to.  You can see it was a successful idea - this is week 219.
But of course before I go off on my desk travelling I need to show my desk first & here it is;

I had been sorting out my boxes of "stuff" & putting them away in an "organised" manner on my new large book-case & this was the state of my desk.  Some stamps I had been working with - a Zentangle card I had made yesterday along with some of my little really useful boxes.  During my sort out I found a box with about 8 of those little boxes in - so there is another one somewhere as I had quite a lot of them on my desk at the old house.  Just edging out of the photo is a wooden plaque that says "Create" - I am going to decorate it & so I am trying to think of how I am going to do it.  At the moment some zentangle patterns is ahead on the ideas.  We will see.

Thought you might like a quick update on the look of the room this week;

view from lounge door

computer desk

new large bookcase - back to lounge door

craft desk

But there are still some boxes in the corner I am not showing - to be unpacked.  That is tomorrows job.

Thank you for dropping in to my little blog I hope you enjoyed your visit & that you will call again.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A craft room grows ............

....... & hopefully will also be getting tidier.

I have some photos of the progress of sorting my craft room - I now have my large bookcase built & in use.  It holds lots of boxes of things & could hold more if they were a more uniform shape & size.  But hey - I am getting there.

This is the view looking toward the window, as I step down from the lounge.

The view of the crafting desk under the window with a bookcase to the left & also one against the wall at the right

A closer look at the book case on the right where boxes of paper & card, & also Martha Stewart folders that hold many of my unmounted stamps, reside.

Looking back toward the lounge door - new big bookcase on the left.  Look at my lovely colourful boxes - all with labels so I know what is inside.    Blank label equals empty box.

Other desk - computer & digital work goes on here.  You can also see the other bookcase now - this has my collection of A5 folders on the middle shelf that holds all my crafting CD's - the top shelf has scrapbooks on them - both started & empty, plus a paper-making kit still in its box..  The lower shelf has all my family history folders - another interest of mine.  Right on the top of the bookcase are a couple of unused boxes - my music CD's in a canvas box - my portable CD player along with a box of "Learn French" CD's.

Opposite the lounge door - the boxes still to be sorted.  It is not all craft though & in amongst the boxes is a pine bed which has to go down in this room.  Mind you it has drawers beneath it - very very useful.  :)

Today I sorted all those little boxes on the big book cases, labelling them during which task I found that one or two boxes were only partly used & contained the same type of items - so putting those things together freed up another couple of boxes.

Tomorrow once I have had a play with stamps & new Christmas die's - its continue with sorting the big boxes.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope you enjoyed your visit & please come back again.

Monday, 12 August 2013

A card!

Yes! I have made a card.

It is the first one in a little while so I am very pleased that it has finally happened.  It was definitely helped by getting my new craft room quite a bit more organised & the need to make a sample for a project for my clubs.

The theme - is Zentangles.

I have been interested in them for a while & now have finally given myself the time to sit down & play.  At the weekend I played with a royalty free image that I had found on the Internet.  Here it is;

& here it is zentangled;

What is Zentangle?  

Well - the short definition is - "an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from structured patterns".  Another definition - doodling!

Now for my card;

I used the 2 stamps you see in front of the easel - they were from a set I bought from CaroLines - I stamped them in black ink on cream card.  They were then decorated with Zentangle style patterns using a fine black pen.  Afterwards I cut each one out & placed them in the floral design onto cream card, then cut around the shape leaving a small border. Then I mounted it onto a square of black card, rounded the corners then placed on a square cream scalloped-edge card.  The following photos are close ups of the sections & the whole image.

The close ups do show that my filling in with the pen needs some more practise & I think I will have to purchase the better pens - but I am generally pleased with the result & really look forward to dabbling some more with this.

Thank you for dropping into my little blog - I hope you enjoyed your visit - please come back again soon.

A new follower

Popping in to say welcome to a new follower - welcome Darnell Knauss - I hope you enjoy your visits to my little blog.

It has been very quiet on here for a while due to me moving house & getting married, but now that my new craft room is better organised I hope to be blogging once again, more frequently.

So watch this space everyone!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

WOYWW 218 ......

.... & what is on mine is a mess!!!

Did I hear you say what is on what?  Then you have obviously never been over to visit the Stamping Ground blog where each Wednesday we all pop a photo of the state of our craft desks, then nip off & have a nose at everybody elses desk.  It's great fun - why not take a look yourselves.  Just click on the blog name in the previous sentence.

Before I show you my desk I must say thank you to all the kind people who visited my desk last week & for their lovely comments.  With that comes an apology as I did not get round to visiting that many desks - I will try to manage more this week.

So - here is my desk this morning - well actually its not a lot better this afternoon either;

That's my desk (from a distance).

Here is a closeup of the storage unit to the left of the desk.  I was recently looking for a new cutlery tray to put in the drawer of my dining room dresser.  On Friday I was in our local Costco & they had one there that was expandable & whats more there were 2 in the pack.  When I got them home I did find that one was truly a cutlery tray & the other one not quite so - as you can see in the photo.  But great for all the "close to hand" bits & pieces  you can pull out the sperators to make some sections larger.

The next photo shows some cards I made a little while ago & have just found during my unpacking, along with a little wicker basket which is ideal for putting them in.

In the centre is some work in progress - a sympathy card awaiting its insert, a digital design waiting to be cut out & made into a card for a challenge & some stamps.  Also on the desk are some chipboard words - I have "create" & "garden" - actually I think they are made from a lightweight wood. They are to be decorated for Christmas presents.

The other end of my craft room doesn't look very much different as there are still boxes to be unpacked - but I am now waiting to purchase a tall bookcase then I can get more items unpacked & stored properly.

Thank you for taking a peek at my desk I hope you enjoyed your visit.