Sunday, 30 December 2012

A new toy

Well - 8 days since my last posting - mind you it is not surprising really given we have been busy with Christmas.

I hope you all got some lovely crafting goodies amongst your pressies - I did - some more Pan Pastels & tools & a new toy .............. an Ebosser!

Today I finally got to have a play with it.  I had earlier looked on Google for any tutorials & tips & techniques.

Here is my play

This folded rose cutter worked well.  The 2 small buckles came out well although the fancy one was a little trickier to remove from the die.  Then the bits left on the die took a while to remove too.

I hadn't used this butterfly before as it was rather thin & I am really pleased with the finished image.
The die took quite a long time to clear of the bits that stayed in it.

This was cut (or not) from a very thin metal die.  As the photo shows it seems to have cut around the edges but not in the middle.

This is the reverse of the tree where it looks like it has cut well. 
It looks like I am going to need another shim.  I used the sandwich that the Ebosser manual gave but I think the shim needs to be a bit thicker.  I did try it again with a piece of A4 card added to the sandwich - but the machine threw it out - which it does if the sandwich is wrong.  How great is that?  I have the "No more shims" from Once Upon A Stamp so I might give that a try - using it instead of the one provided.

These were 2 embossing folders I had bought recently & not got around to using. The oval one is just asking for stamping to be put inside it isn't it.

If anyone knows how to get over the cutting of thin dies I would love to hear from you. In the meantime I will try different sandwiches & hope I get a result.

Thank you for popping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Please leave a comment or just say hello, because it is always nice to hear from you.

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