Friday, 23 November 2012

A digital Christmas card

Good heavens! it's nearly a week since I wrote something.

It has been a funny week with lots of little things to run around & see to.  plus I have been reasonably busy at times making Christmas Cards - but they are to give to my lovely club members - so I cannot show them here yet.

As you can see from my post title I have been playing with my digital craft a bit & have worked with a lovely new digital kit from Carolines - this time her Christmas patchwork digikit.  Here is my first attempt at creating a tree with her diamond patchwork images.

The patterned background paper is CaroLines too.  I created this in Serif Craft Artist.  First I selected a 5x5 in square base then using the shape tool created a square green background onto which I placed a square of patterned background paper. Then using the punch tool I cut out the shape you see effectively creating an aperture in the patterned paper.  But after I added a drop shadow to the shape it looks more like a piece of green layered onto the patterned paper.  The wonders of digital work.  Next I created the tree shape by using the diamond shapes from the kit.  Final touches adding the greeting & the cross stitch borders.  Great fun to do & very satisfying too.
Now all I need to do is print it & see what it looks like.  There are many more shapes in this kit I shall be playing some more.
Thank you for stopping by - it would be great if you left a comment so I know that someone has been & taken a look.

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Christine said...

Hi Gloria, a gorgeous card and beautiful colours. Love your layout and using CAP2 gives a super result.
Hugs xx