Monday, 8 October 2012

decorating candles ....

.... is something I have been doing this morning.  Well, not actually in the plural - just one.

Tomorrow evening I am visiting a local WI & showing them how to decorate candles with paper napkins. Last night whilst thinking of the different bits & pieces to take with me I realised I didn't have a candle that was decorated.  So I set to this morning & corrected that situation.

This is the main image with sum flat backed gems added for interest & finished off with a blue happy birthday ribbon.  You can just about make out the writing on the ribbon

This is the other side of the candle with the smaller image.  Can a candle have "another side"?
Tomorrow the ladies will be making a Christmas candle & I hope to be able to give them ideas on how to display it.  Hopefully they will buy some candles & decorate a group of them.  I had originally wanted to show them this technique with rubber stamped images but then was a bit concerned about heat guns so decided to go with napkins.
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