Thursday, 20 September 2012

Serif Craft Artist 2......

I know my blog is called "Ink on my fingers" & that by using digital software I will definitely not get ink on them.  But I just love this software as an alternative to stamping.  Also I find it impossible to use stamps on every card that I make - so as I say this gives me an alternative way & I am in charge of how it goes together more so than with popular card kits - who also have their place in the crafting world.

So why am I going on so - just a short while ago the postman delivered the new version of Craft Artist & I just had to have a quick play.

It's a very simple little card & the decoupage - or more correctly pyramage - is a new feature which happens at the click of a button.  You can of course play around with it & get all sorts of different effects & shapes.  But I just had to do something quick.  I have used papers & embellishments from a kit by CaroLines.
Having said the decoupage is pyramage - CAP2 will also send it to the printer all set out for cutting out to do hybrid pyramage.  It will also send it to an electronic cutting machine attached to your computer.  I always thought I didn't have a need for one - but now?  Ooh get behind me temptation.
I believe some clever users have been able to take an image & create true 3-d cutouts with it.  Bit advanced for me at the moment.
I was thinking - I could scan a stamped image & incorporate it into a project.  Will have to think carefully about Angel Policies & Copyright on that one.  Will seek some advice.
Thank you for reading my frantic rabbiting.  Do call again when I will probably be a little more sedate.

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