Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Just chatting

Hi everyone - what an awful couple of days.  I am going to have webbed feet soon.

Didn't go to my exercise session this morning as I had a bit of a dodgy tum.  But later popped out with Nadine over to the wholesale florists at Bromborough.  I need quite a few candles for a visit to a WI in October & new that they had quite a good selection.  Anyway I didn't get them as I thought perhaps I would come home & check out the Internet. 

On the way home we stopped off at Burley Dam garden centre (on the A41) & lo & behold they had larger candles than I had been looking at & were selling them buy one get one free - so instead of paying for 30 I only had to pay for 15.  They also had some nice Christmas napkins (paper type) that I wanted to decorate the candles with,  So all sorted - just need to look out some embellishments in my stash & hey ho - I am ready.

Tonight it is Mold II's September meeting - so there will be photos.  I might get some on tonight when I am back - if not then as usual it will be tomorrow.

Have a great evening.

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