Friday, 21 September 2012

CD Sunday Challenge - success

First thing I must do is welcome a new follower - Sue Brown - welcome Sue & I hope you enjoy your visits to my little space in blog world.  Although it's name is "Ink on my fingers" because I am mainly a rubber stamper I do have another passion & that is digital scrap booking which does often creep into my card making as well - which can be seen below. Also as a stamper I hate inky fingers - which is daft isn't it - my club ladies think its really funny.  In fact a while back I got them really dirty & took a photo to show them that I actually do get inky fingers sometimes.  :)

Ooh - I am so excited.  I found out today that my card for the CD Sunday Challenge a couple of weeks ago - "Need for Speed" was chosen for the top 3 & in fact was number 1 & I will get a little prize.  Will let you know what it is when I get it.

I think I have already blogged this card - but I took the photo in a motor museum in Brussels last October.  The photo was put through Serif Craft Artist where all the background was cut away leaving me just the car.  The embellishments  came courtesy of a Steampunk CD - I knew I find a use for it eventually.

I will be back later with some more digital work to show you, but this time inspired by rubber stamping ala Barbara Grey.  See the link there?

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