Sunday, 30 September 2012

I made top 3.....

Good morning everyone

A bit blustery here in North Wales but at least the rain has stopped - for a while.

Before I give myself a pat on the back I must welcome a new follower - Squiggle Pig.  Thank you for becoming a follower & I hope you enjoy your visits here.

Also I must congratulate - Sue Brown, who also made Top 3 in the same challenge as myself & is a follower of my little piece of blog world.

The challenge we were successful in was the one over at Digitally Sweet Challenges with theme of choice using a given sketch.  This was my page

& here is my Top 3 badge

Must put my thoughts together now for this weeks challenge.  The mind is quite active - but the body is a bit tired after being at Port Sunlight yesterday with the Stamp Festival, & it was so good to meet some of my Internet friends in real life.
I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

My prize

Hi everyone

Just popping in to say that today the postman delivered me a nice little package & inside was my prize from the CD Sunday Challenge a couple of weeks ago.  The one where the theme was "Need for Speed".

Isn't it gorgeous - one complete stamp.  Can't wait to try it - but that may have to be Sunday as tomorrow & Saturday (or at least quite a bit of it) I will be busy with the Stamp Festival at Port Sunlight on the Wirral.
Thank you CD Sunday - I love it.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Just chatting

Hi everyone - what an awful couple of days.  I am going to have webbed feet soon.

Didn't go to my exercise session this morning as I had a bit of a dodgy tum.  But later popped out with Nadine over to the wholesale florists at Bromborough.  I need quite a few candles for a visit to a WI in October & new that they had quite a good selection.  Anyway I didn't get them as I thought perhaps I would come home & check out the Internet. 

On the way home we stopped off at Burley Dam garden centre (on the A41) & lo & behold they had larger candles than I had been looking at & were selling them buy one get one free - so instead of paying for 30 I only had to pay for 15.  They also had some nice Christmas napkins (paper type) that I wanted to decorate the candles with,  So all sorted - just need to look out some embellishments in my stash & hey ho - I am ready.

Tonight it is Mold II's September meeting - so there will be photos.  I might get some on tonight when I am back - if not then as usual it will be tomorrow.

Have a great evening.

Digitally Sweet Challenge #3

Time to join in another challenge - & this one has been set by "Digitally Sweet Challenges" with a sketch as it's theme.

The great thing about these challenges is the fact that I am finally getting my pages scrapped - which can't be bad.

Here is the sketch -
The sketch is sized 12x12 but I don't have the printer for that size so I create mine either 8x8 or A4.  Today I created a landscape A4.

Here is my page.  I have loads of photos like this one waiting to be scrapped & I just will not be able to do them all hybrid - my hands would not be able to stand all that cutting - so digital scrap booking has come to my rescue here.  This page was created using Serif Craft Artist 2 & the free kit that came with the new software - it is called Daydream & has these lovely pale pinks & mint colours along with those fabulous black embellishments - which can be recoloured.

Thank you for popping into my little piece of blog world - do leave a comment as it is so nice to know that there have been visitors.

Monday, 24 September 2012

cd sunday challenge - awash with flowers

Time for another challenge & today I made a card for the CD Sunday Challenge where the theme this week is - Awash with Flowers.

I really wanted to have a change of style & I think I have managed it here.  The base is a 5" x 5" card. Everything on this card is from the My Craft Studio Floriography CD.  All the items on this CD are in black & white - I love it.  So I selected quite a few items from it & pulled them into Serif Craft Artist to create the card.

I covered the card with the coloured square for the background & placed my chosen MCS background over it - having previously discovered they were transparent so my chosen colour showed through.  Then I created the other shape & coloured that. But, before I did all that I had already chosen the central image & had brought it into CAP & coloured it with a free form paintbrush.  It is a technique I have just tried & I can't stop using it.  The coloured flower was then brought onto the background & I found another image on the CD of a corner group that matched my main image.  I decided not to colour those but when I gave the corners a drop shadow it just added a slight tint to them.  The main image I then ran through a couple of effects to give the embossed finish.

I think I tried about 6 different colours for the backgrounds & this one I favoured more than the others.  Do click on the link above & see what everyone has been creating.

Thank you for visiting my little space in blog world, please leave a comment.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

A digital Christmas Card

What a day I have had with my digital craft. 

My starting point was an outline image of Christmas Bells with Poinsettia.  Through Craft Artist Professional I painted the image & played with it using some of the many effects that are in the software.

This is the basic outline image which I downloaded  from a royalty free site

This is the image after I have painted it - you can see it is my first attempt as down one side of the bell I have gone over the line.

This is the image after I have applied a couple of the glass texture effects.  It changed some of the colour & applied its own "shot" finish.
This is the finished card.  I have applied stitching around the two layers & have "dry" embossed the sentiment & the bell.
During the week I am going to print a copy to see how it looks in real life.  Then I think if it is OK I will use it for a few Christmas cards this year.
Thank you for popping by please leave a comment.

Friday, 21 September 2012

CD Sunday Challenge - success

First thing I must do is welcome a new follower - Sue Brown - welcome Sue & I hope you enjoy your visits to my little space in blog world.  Although it's name is "Ink on my fingers" because I am mainly a rubber stamper I do have another passion & that is digital scrap booking which does often creep into my card making as well - which can be seen below. Also as a stamper I hate inky fingers - which is daft isn't it - my club ladies think its really funny.  In fact a while back I got them really dirty & took a photo to show them that I actually do get inky fingers sometimes.  :)

Ooh - I am so excited.  I found out today that my card for the CD Sunday Challenge a couple of weeks ago - "Need for Speed" was chosen for the top 3 & in fact was number 1 & I will get a little prize.  Will let you know what it is when I get it.

I think I have already blogged this card - but I took the photo in a motor museum in Brussels last October.  The photo was put through Serif Craft Artist where all the background was cut away leaving me just the car.  The embellishments  came courtesy of a Steampunk CD - I knew I find a use for it eventually.

I will be back later with some more digital work to show you, but this time inspired by rubber stamping ala Barbara Grey.  See the link there?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Serif Craft Artist 2......

I know my blog is called "Ink on my fingers" & that by using digital software I will definitely not get ink on them.  But I just love this software as an alternative to stamping.  Also I find it impossible to use stamps on every card that I make - so as I say this gives me an alternative way & I am in charge of how it goes together more so than with popular card kits - who also have their place in the crafting world.

So why am I going on so - just a short while ago the postman delivered the new version of Craft Artist & I just had to have a quick play.

It's a very simple little card & the decoupage - or more correctly pyramage - is a new feature which happens at the click of a button.  You can of course play around with it & get all sorts of different effects & shapes.  But I just had to do something quick.  I have used papers & embellishments from a kit by CaroLines.
Having said the decoupage is pyramage - CAP2 will also send it to the printer all set out for cutting out to do hybrid pyramage.  It will also send it to an electronic cutting machine attached to your computer.  I always thought I didn't have a need for one - but now?  Ooh get behind me temptation.
I believe some clever users have been able to take an image & create true 3-d cutouts with it.  Bit advanced for me at the moment.
I was thinking - I could scan a stamped image & incorporate it into a project.  Will have to think carefully about Angel Policies & Copyright on that one.  Will seek some advice.
Thank you for reading my frantic rabbiting.  Do call again when I will probably be a little more sedate.

Digitally Sweet Challenge #2

Good morning everyone

I hadn't made a note of when the challenge over at Digitally Sweet Challenges would change - so nearly missed this one.

My entry for this one - where the theme is "Anything Goes with Flowers" - was actually made a few days ago after trying my first attempt at creating a digikit.  So I hope it qualifies for the challenge.

I may have overdone the embellishments a bit here .  Everything is made from the single flower photo at bottom left, by using stencils to make the flourishes, ribbons & butterfly spray.  The other photo is the whole bouquet.  It is a great way of remembering such lovely presents as they soon fade in reality.  This was a bouquet my OH was given when he changed his car.

Thank you for popping in - please leave a comment - it is so nice to know that people have visited.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

cd sunday challenge - feline friends

I don't know where this week has gone & I meant to enter this challenge earlier in the week.

Over at CD Sunday Challenge the theme is Feline Friends.  I wasn't sure whether to go for some large & furry like a lion, but decided on a cute little tabby cat.

The card was put together through Serif Craft Artist using the Furry Friends kit. I added some extras from other kits & the "wallpaper" is from a digikit by Caroline Rawcliffe of CaroLines.  The picture on the wall is a photo I have of some flowers I had received at some time.

Do you like crafting with Cd's ?  Then why not pop over to the CD Sunday challenge blog for lots of inspiration  fun.

Thank you for stopping by please call again.

Popping in for a chat.

Whoa! where has a week gone?

I must apologise to my followers as my visits here will be a little erratic for a few months.  Please bear with me things will improve.

I have another blog which I run for my Rubber Stamping Clubs & even that I have managed to miss a few days.  I have a wedding next April for which I am doing a lot of work & so I sometimes run out of time in the day.  I must hold my hand up & plead guilty though as for a couple of weeks now I have not been able to get my head out of my laptop using Serif Craft Artist.  Then this last week they have released an upgrade so I am patiently waiting for the new software to arrive.

I was recently asked by the Chairman of a group I attend (non-crafting) if I could help out with Christmas Cards for the Committee to send out to members.  Whilst I would love to do them with Rubber Stamping I decided to go with Digital.  I make rubber stamped cards for family & friends & all my stamping club members (who of course I hope fall into the category of friends too), so quite a few to make.

So last night I had a play & produced 3 cards for her to look at

Serif is absolutely brilliant, it really is hard to believe that this is all flat on the card.  I hope the Chairman likes them.

Now I must get on & make some birthday cards - this time with Rubber Stamps.

Thank you for stopping by - please call again & will try harder to be around more often..
Have a good day.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A multi page card

Hello everyone I thought I would pop in & show you a card I made today.

I was inspired having seen Rosemary Merry on C&C demonstrating a small mini scrapbook.  She had mentioned the sizes she was using but I found that a little too small for what I wanted - so I altered the sizes. It is a multi-layer card so there are 5 photos.

This is the inside of the card in which I use my favourite sentiment stamp.

This is the reverse side.  
The centre panel has not been decorated as that is where I would write my message. 

The next 3 photos show the card gradually being folded up & finally closed.

I enjoyed making this card & I think that some of my special Christmas Cards will be in this style.  Thank you Rosemary for that inspiration - just at the time I needed it.

Thank you for stopping by - do call again.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Another challenge today - CD Sunday

Hello again.

Today seems to have been a digital day as I have  just finished creating a card for the CD Sunday Challenge where the theme is "Need for Speed".

I created my card through Serif Craft Artist where I used a photo of a racing car that I had taken during my visit to Brussels last year.  On the last day we visited their motor museum & I came home with 99 photos.  Wow! a lot of cars.  Well some motorbikes too.

My embellishments & papers are from a Daisy Trail CD - Steampunk Adventures. I thought the mesh type material looked just a little little bit like marks from the tyres & I converted one of the metal objects into a frame to hold a smaller version of the photo.  This could come in very useful later in the year with a couple of masculine birthdays on the way.
Don't forget to pop over to CD Sunday challenge blog to see what everyone has been creating, & thank you for visiting my blog.  Please call again.

Oh dear - so forgetful ....

Getting ready to do my next post I noticed the date today & felt that there was something I needed to remember about this time.  Then the brain light switched on & I remembered.....

..... it's 2 days past Happy Blogaversary.  My little part of the blogging world was 2 years old on Friday.

Happy Blogaversary me.

Joining a new challenge

Good morning everyone

A non-stamping post today as I have decided to enter one of my digital pages in a challenge with a new digital challenge blog.

They are Digitally 'Sweet' Challenges, & the theme is "Using multiple photos".  You may have seen this page before, as I have started blogging about my digital pages in between what I am up to with rubber stamping.

The page was created with Serif Craft Artist, & I have used one of the photos I took of a really pretty walk & blended it to become the right hand half of my background. The other half of the page then just had a plain green background paper into which I merged the view of the church through the trees.  This then allowed me to give a little more prominence to the other three photos.  Great Budworth is a really pretty village not far from Warrington in Cheshire.
It was a beautiful day out - one of those rare ones apart from this last week.
Thank you for visiting my little piece of blog world - do call again.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

decorating canvases

Hello everyone & what a beautiful day it is.

Is an Indian summer on it's way do you think?

I have been having a play with stamping on canvases - just little 4" square ones.  Well one to be precise.  I have a stamping colleague who is going to visit my stamp clubs & get the creating on canvas, so I thought I would have a go.

It's a very gentle little design as I was really seeing how different inks reacted on the canvas & how well different materials adhered to it.  The background was brushed with Distress Inks - Crushed Olive & a Honey one (I've forgotten the name) leaving some light in the middle.  Then I stamped the flourish flower with black archival ink, followed by punching some leaves out of thin paper & brushing Forest Moss Distress Ink through the cut out.  Finally I glued some buttons over some of the stamped flowers & coloured the rest in with gel pens.  A peel off butterfly to finish - which I had to use glue stick on to make it stay stuck & that was coloured in with gel pens too.  I will probably add some cord around it & make a little hanging loop.

I enjoyed doing this & it didn't actually take all that long.  I will do another one but probably be a little more adventurous next time.

Thank you for visiting my little blog I hope you will call again.

'Bye for now.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Finally put together ............

... here are some photos of 3 cards that I finished this week.  The images had been created for a stamping workshop I ran quite a time ago.  Having come across them this week I thought I should put them onto a card & complete the job.

This one was for a workshop showing the spotlight technique

and this one for the grid technique

I can't remember which workshop this was for - but it included the use of pretty background papers to be stamped over.

As I found that I had already decided to make the square card with the inside flaps I added a strip of the left over paper to decorate the flap edges & a tag.
So, now I have 3 more cards to add to my collection.

Thank you for visiting - please leave a comment - even if it is just to say Hello.

I made the top 3 ....

.... in fact I was number 2.

Where was this do I hear you ask?

Well it was for the CD Sunday Challenge  back on Sunday 19 August in the Cute Christmas Card challenge.  Here it is -

Now that will help my creative mojo quite a lot.

Thank you CD Sunday.