Monday, 6 August 2012

Another digital page

HiNow I have got started with my digital scrap booking - I can't seem to stop.

The photos on this page have been sitting around for a while - since 2005 in fact.

These are my neighbours fan tailed doves & at the time we had a bird feeder stuck to our kitchen window.  They gradually realised it contained free food & set about finding out if they could get at it.  As you can see - this one did.  In the top photo he was actually looking into the kitchen almost as if he was checking if anyone was watching.  I had heard him land on the windowsill, grabbed my camera & waited for the best shots.  I called Bob & he went outside - but this bird was hungry for someone elses food & took no notice of him.

Today we have workmen digging up the road at the side of our house - relaying the road surface I think. I had to get up & move my car out to the front of the house as the exit from our drive is on that road.  This meant rising a little earlier than usual !!!! - so I thought I would use the time to create this page - then I thought I would post about it here.  But now it is time for the domestic side of life & who knows I might have time later to do some rubber stamping.

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