Thursday, 16 August 2012

Another digi page

Hi everyone

I have another digi page to show you.  I was unable to do any stamping over the last couple of days due to having to wait in for a couple of workmen.  As my craft room is upstairs it means I cannot get easily to the door when people call.  I have had the problem before when people don't wait long enough - it is so frustrating.  Then to make matters worse one of the men has to come back today so I am tied again.

So as I had to remain downstairs yesterday & when I had the time to play I worked on another page of my digital scrap booking.

My new learning curve in this page was the multiple frames.  In an older version of the software putting a photo on a page with more than one frame meant the photo went across all frames.  I found a video on how to overcome this, but when I went to my software it was no longer a problem.  So much easier to do than in the video I watched.  A nice reminder of a great day out, & there are still more pages to come.

Now! if only that workman will arrive fairly early I might get some stamping done today.

Thank you for visiting - please come back again.

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