Sunday, 12 August 2012

Another digi page - with a new technique

Hello everyone!

Another day, another page.  I really have had time to do quite a few pages but I wanted to get to know how to do the embossing technique.

First thing to do was to have a look at some You Tube videos & read some instructions that various ladies had made & written.  Then off to Craft Artist to try it all out. I had a fairly successful first attempt just playing with a shape & letters.  Then I decided to include a photo to make a proper page of it.  Here is the "proper" page

I am intrigued by how the finished page looks here & in my folder.  As to me the hearts & "April" look debossed rather than embossed.  I don't think I put enough shadow into it. Two things make the embossing - the amount of shadow put on the image & a thing called elevation - which really is where the light is coming from & at what angle.  I needed to have had more elevation.  But even so I am very happy with the page.  I wanted it clean & simple - nothing fussy.  The photo is one I have been meaning to use in a scrapbook for a very long time - if I tell you that that baby is now 11 years old you will see what I mean.

Take a look at my trial run -

On here as I look at it - it looks debossed in places.  I think its an optional illusion - the longer you look the more the shadow moves & creates the opposite impression. I just noticed that if I peer a little cloer at the picture ir looks embossed - it is when you look at it further away the appearance changes in some places to debossed.  Fascinating.

I really enjoyed using this technique & will use it more - but I think I will practise a little more too.

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'Bye for now.

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