Sunday, 5 August 2012

A scrapbook page

Hello again everyone

I have just finished creating a scrapbook page for a day back in 2009.  We visited the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire in May that year & I took quite a lot of photos. I have tried several times to scrap it - but couldn't find the right way.  In the end I let the Arboretum & a couple of photos say what was needed.

It is all digitally created.  I have so many photos to do - that I cannot do them all the hybrid way.  The background was a photo I took of the main area as we walked in.  I use Serif Craft Artist to do my digital albums & there is a feature that allows you to place a photo in the work area & then you can drag it to the background tab at the side & then when you pull it from there to the work area again it becomes a background paper.  Clever!  I then increased the transparency of it to create this finish.  The poppy border was made from finding a poppy image, reducing it, copy & paste to get more & then grouping them together for a ribbon.

I am very pleased with this.  It doesn't need anything else on it.

The weather today has gradually gone from poor to bad - we are currently having quite a heavy thunderstorm - but no rain!  It accounts for my headache.

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