Friday, 10 August 2012

A digi scrapbook page

Good evening everyone
Tonight I have one of my digital scrap booking pages to show you.  Over the last couple of days I have been playing with the technique of using letters as frames for pictures.  It was quite a frustrating process as one word would work & the next would not - even following the same instructions.  Don't you sometimes hate computers & their software packages?

Anyway I eventually mastered long enough at least to create a page.  Who knows what the next page will do.

Back in 2010 we had a holiday in Carcassonne & one of the villages we visited had a church with some really lovely stained glass windows.  Now stained glass windows are one of my passions - I can often be seen in a church with camera poised. The village was called Montolieu.

Here is the page -

Originally I found a background page that had a damask style design on it which seemed to suit.  But after loading the various window pictures I felt it needed something about the church as its background.  So, I converted the central photo of the 3 windows into a background page after increasing it's transparency to make it muted.  As there were quite a few photos I needed to include I had to work out how to show them - this is always a problem. In hybrid scrapbooks they can be put into mini books on a page - but digital is more difficult - so I hope I have not overdone this page.  The layout almost happened by accident.  One photo came in smaller than the rest & that was how I arrived at the graded sized photos.  I could have done lots more like fade out the edges of each photo or put them inside soft circles etc.  I may copy this page & try something like that - after all it is all about experimenting.  So this page could look slightly different later.

As you can see the title of "windows" has sections of the stained glass windows in it.  Each letter was created separately - there is more to this technique & I could have changed the appearance of this title even more.  But too much would have been too much - if you see what I mean.  I am very pleased with this page - but of course it lacks a couple of the main criteria for scrap book pages.  They are, at least - where & when.  I may add that in, discreetly, some how later - for when I produce a printed copy.

We are told that this lovely weather we have experienced today is going to last over the weekend - so do have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing.

If you pop in to take a look at what I have been doing - please leave a comment.

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