Friday, 1 June 2012


Today I finally got around to having a play with zentangles.

Let's get the explanation - or definition - sorted first.  Simply & basically it's doodling - but with some artistic bent added.

Have you sat talking to a friend on the phone, picked up a pencil & doodled on the piece of paper in front of you?  Did you go on to make patterns inside some of the shapes you drew?  Yes! Then in it's most simple form - you were zentangling.

It is now an art form in which a shape is filled with patterns & there are lots of sites on the Internet that show you how to do this & have libraries of patterns for you to learn & use.

I have wanted to try it for some time - but didn't want to step outside my stamping.  Then I spotted a good stamp to start trying it with.  It is an outline flower stamp which I bought from Dimension Stamps (actually whilst they were still Dimension Fourth).  I bought it to make layered paper flowers with.  But because of its open design it is ideal for zentangle.  After stamping it I drew a circle in the middle making it look more flower like - then I went to town on the patterns.

I stamped the image onto a piece of A4 card twice - one to be left as is & one to pattern.  I then practised 6 patterns which I thought I might use.  After that it was decorate the flower with those patterns & any other little swirls etc that I wanted to use.  Here is the work sheet.

I should explain for those who might not know - that the work is done with a very fine black pen - about a 0.1 nib.  The one I used is a 0.4 - so reasonably thick by comparison.

I still have lots of practising to do but I was rather pleased with the outcome for the first attempt.  I will definitely do some more & I can already think of stamps I have that will lend themselves to this treatment.  I now need to practise some more overall patterns, & learn how to make what are apparently straight patterns go around curves.

Why not google "zentangles" & see what it is all about - then have a go.  Go on!  It's is fun. It is therapeutic. No apologies - but it's obsessive too.

Have a really lovely Jubilee weekend.  If you are having outdoor parties I hope the weather stays fine for you.

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