Wednesday, 16 May 2012

WOYWW #154

Hi everyone

I really am late with my desk this Wednesday.  I was a rather unhappy lady last week as it seemed nobody wanted to visit my desk.  But then I found the reason why - I had linked my desk to #152 not #153.  I had obviously scrolled down too far.  But today I already have the page open in order to go to the right place.  Gosh! if only I had a brain.

Here's my desk ..........

That's the state of it just as I have almost finished the first of my 2 Indian wedding cards I have been asked to make.  This card - or these cards perhaps I should say - really were a challenge as they were not colours I particularly work with & the lady wanted a reasonable amount of gold glitter.  Glitter & me - no no.  Still I will be giving it to her tomorrow so we will find out if I have glittered enough.  There is just a little more to do to it & I will post a completed photo tomorrow.

The bottom right corner of the photo is not too clear but sitting there are 3 pots of  PanPastels that I weakened over when I was at the Rubber Stamping Festival at Port Sunlight (here in the UK), at the weekend.  I can't wait to play with them - but must finish these orders first.

Right I am off to link this to WOYWW over at The Stamping Ground & then go for a nose at everyone elses desk.

Bye for now.


Darla said...

Sorry about your mishap last week. What? No glitter for you?? tsk #100

Lisa said...

I've been eyeing those pan pastels myself. I'm still holding out though. (legs trembling, knees buckling)... I am sure your client will like your cards. can't wait to see the finished photos.

Claire said...

a lovely crafting space, and very organized!
hoping you have many jolly visitors this week :)
happy WOYWW!!
no. 37

Laura said...

Hot colours. I'll be back to see the finished card for sure!
Happy Wednesday!
Laura 121

Belinda said...

Oh I so agree with you about the glitter. Only glitter that stays put forget the rest. I end up wearing for days when I use it.

I would love to see your Indian Wedding Card when you complete it. The picture is small right now so my bad eyes couldn't see much.

Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day and come play on my desk!

Belinda (#109)

kay said...

sounds good to me,lots of glitter,hope you get lots of visitors this week
have a fab woyww
kay #22

Bernice said...

Know what you mean about glitter - I've resorted to 'Stickles' - it doesn't make such a mess!
Bernice (145)

Daniella said...

What an interesting task you have! I hope she likes them!
Happy WOYWW!
xxDaniella #123

Ali said...

Oooh I think the colours for the indian card look just yummy! I'm another one that has succumbed to Pan Pastels recently but not really had chance to have a play yet. :)

Ali #77

Queen Of Toys said...

Glitter should be banned forever as it sticks around even when not wanted. Stickles is the best. I will be back to check out your indian card. Thanks for sharing.

Eliza #19

Miriam said...

I am sure she will love the cards. Enjoy the pan pastels.

Julia Dunnit said...

Nice commission...glitter very necessary if you're to do the justice! As I'm so late I bet your customer was very pleased. Pan Pastels eh, and there was I enlarging the photo trying to work out why you needed so many pots of pins!! Honestly, my pins are in lidded pots just lie that!!