Thursday, 31 May 2012

pan pastels & wedding cake

Oh dear - don't panic!  I don't mean Pan Pastels on a wedding cake.

A few days ago I finally got to have a trial play with the Pan Pastels that I had bought at the Happy Stampers North West Stamp Festival.  They had been sitting on my desk trying to tempt me to open them & play - but I had cards to make that people had asked me to make.  With those now finished & happily living with their owners I had the chance to play.

This play was really to get the feel of them rather than produce a usable piece of work.

I just cut out some squares of white card that had a rather nice smooth finish & used these lovely little pattern stamps.  In each case I stamped them with Versamark ink & then applied the Pan Pastels with one of the Sofft tool.  (Just in case you haven't seen about these tools- that is not a spelling mistake - which is what I thought when I first saw it.  It is their trade name).

The image on the left was coloured with a pale green over which one side I dusted some orange-yellow.  The central image I coloured again with a pale green, then using the more pointed Sofft tool coloured in the petals with the orange-yellow. Then finally just to see what would happen I went around the card & over part of the design with the deep orange-red colour.  (I really must get to grips with the names).  When colouring the petals of the flowers the pointed tool was still a little too big - I think a cotton bud might have been more suitable. The right hand image was just coloured with two shades of green - light first then the darker colour. Then I stamped the sentiment over the top & again used the dark green.  It is surprising how long the Versamark ink remains sticky even when it has been dusted with the pastels, & how even one colour can gradually get darker as more is laid down.

I than decided to get a little more adventurous. I stamped using the daisy style stamp first, once again in Versamark Ink & dusted with the yellow pastel.  Next I stamped the other flower & dusted again with yellow.  Then I stamped the rose spray & dusted it with the deep orange.  Although I used one of the tools I couldn't avoid getting the colour around the image.  A quick gentle polish with a soft tissue removed some of the excess without removing the design.  I had heard that colour could be removed with a white eraser which I tried (you can see a white patch below the left hand leaves of the spray).  Just to complete an image that might make a card topper I stamped the sentiment in black archival ink.  I understand there is a sealing spray that can be purchased but also that hairspray will work as well. 

A most enjoyable play so it is now time to use them properly.

The wedding cake?  Well my followers will know that earlier this year I made my god-daughters wedding cake which had been a bit stressful.  I now have another cake to make for a wedding next year - but this one should move along quite nicely.  The reason being that it is for myself.  My partner Bob & I have been together for a long long time & have decided it was time to tie the knot, giving all our family & friends quite a surprise.

I will be making everything that I can.  The Save The Date cards have been made.  The invitations will be next - there is plenty of time (at the moment - but I know how quick time can go by) - as the wedding is not until next April. So! I thought I would share this information with you & will record on my blog my progress.

I think that is me for now.  Rather a long post today.  
Thank you for popping in & please leave a comment to say you have visited.  Comments are always very much appreciated, especially if you have knowledge of using Pan Pastels that you can pass on. 

'Bye for now. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

woyww #156

Good morning WOYWW-ers everyone & everywhere

Happy 3rd birthday to WOYWW & congratulations to Julia for having such a great idea.  If you don't have a clue as to what I am on about pop over to the Stamping Ground & find out.  Take a look around at all the great desks & then join in - it's very addictive.

So! - my desk this morning?  Here it is ...............

I can hear you lovely ladies who visit me saying - "another week with a tidy desk".
But look what preceded that photo

and this

but these two photos were actually my desk last night - so a bit of a cheat.

I spotted a You tube video a few weeks ago of a lady gathering together all her off cuts of paper & cards & getting tidy by turning them into little pads.  Monday & Tuesday I finally got around to doing the same with mine. It is very easy to do - just pop along to The Paper Boutique on You Tube.  Or search You Tube for "How to organise your paper scraps into paper pads"

Have a lovely day - enjoy your travels around the desks, & have fun making those little pads.

I will be back again later today with some of my recent work & news of another (yes another) wedding cake.

'Bye for now

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

woyww #155

Good morning WOYWW-ers

Oh dear! my first post in 5 days - this is not good.  But here I am once again with my desk for all to see.  I am afraid it is rather boring this week as it is tidy. Yesterday I finished the second of the Indian Wedding cards & a 100th birthday card I had been asked to make.  By the time I was finished you couldn't see the surface of my desk - so it was time to tidy as I can't work with it too untidy.  Plus I have 2 more 80th birthday cards to make - so needed some space.

Are you new to WOYWW?  Then pop over to the Stamping Ground & find out all about it - & enjoy looking at everyone's desk & work.

Here is my desk, & following that are the photos of the 2 cards..................

Hmm! won't look like that for long.

This version of the Indian Wedding card has yellow glitter card on it & I have layered some gold ribbon with red ric-rac to give a more opulent feel.

I had just purchased this lovely card stand die & knew it would be perfect for a Bookatrix style card. The lady didn't want too big a card so I used the 2 smaller layers off the board.

A little closer look.

Right! now to make those two 80th birthday cards.  Then I really must get down to doing some stamping.

Thank you for popping by, please say hello before you go on your way to another desk.

Friday, 18 May 2012

my Indian wedding card

Good morning everyone

Well, as promised pictures of the first of 2 Indian wedding cards that I was asked to make for a friend.

I forgot to crop the rubbish at the side from this photo & it is stood at a slightly awkward angle as it was difficult to avoid my reflection in the top panel.  I still have some lessons to learn in taking photos of cards.  All the elements on this card are straight & even yet there still appears to be some wonkiness. (Is that a word?)  Any hints gratefully received.

Here is a close up of the embossed panel.

I saw this embossing folder & just loved the design, then realised how appropriate it could be for these Indian cards.  The second card I have to make will be along a similar line but the orange coloured glitter card will be replaced with something yellow.  The "white blobs" are actually gold gems & there are also red gems on there too.

I was pleased with the result & yesterday I gave this card to my friend who needs it for the w3edding next week & was so relieved when she was delighted with it.

Will show you the second card when it is finished which will be sometime tomorrow I think.

Oh & thank you for your lovely comments left on my pot for WOYWW this week.
Bye for now.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

WOYWW #154

Hi everyone

I really am late with my desk this Wednesday.  I was a rather unhappy lady last week as it seemed nobody wanted to visit my desk.  But then I found the reason why - I had linked my desk to #152 not #153.  I had obviously scrolled down too far.  But today I already have the page open in order to go to the right place.  Gosh! if only I had a brain.

Here's my desk ..........

That's the state of it just as I have almost finished the first of my 2 Indian wedding cards I have been asked to make.  This card - or these cards perhaps I should say - really were a challenge as they were not colours I particularly work with & the lady wanted a reasonable amount of gold glitter.  Glitter & me - no no.  Still I will be giving it to her tomorrow so we will find out if I have glittered enough.  There is just a little more to do to it & I will post a completed photo tomorrow.

The bottom right corner of the photo is not too clear but sitting there are 3 pots of  PanPastels that I weakened over when I was at the Rubber Stamping Festival at Port Sunlight (here in the UK), at the weekend.  I can't wait to play with them - but must finish these orders first.

Right I am off to link this to WOYWW over at The Stamping Ground & then go for a nose at everyone elses desk.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

woyww #153

Good morning everyone

Yes! I am still here - it has been 2 weeks since my last post.  I am afraid with that chest infection I really didn't feel that creative.  But I hope now I am starting again & so here is my desk this morning ready for my creative mind.  Why am I showing you my desk - well if you are asking that question you have obviously not found - The Stamping Ground - where every Wednesday morning we link our blogs to Julia's blog & show you the state of our desks.  Click on the website name & pop over & see what it is all about.

Here is a close up of the card etc ready for my next creation which is cards for two Indian weddings.  I was so pleased when I spotted the embossing folder that you can see on top of the card.  It just shouted Indian temples to me.  I hope you will pop back & see how I get on - hopefully will have them made by weekend.

Right! I am now off to link this post - & have a look round at the other desks.