Wednesday, 28 March 2012

woyww #147

Oh dear, oh dear - I am late for a very important date ............................ It's WOYWW day.

Before I show you the photos, & I promise to be brief as Julia asked, but I just need to say a few thank yous.  A big thank you to all you lovely ladies who visited my desk last week & for those of you who left your best wishes & encouragement for my sugar paste flowers.  Unfortunately I was unable to reproduce the flowers & my god-daughter has decided to have fresh flowers.  I am very disappointed that I failed - but that is the way it goes sometimes.

Now for my desk ................

I have just somethings around but as you can see the middle photo shows the left overs of a card making session, some new stamps waiting to be used. & some swap tags waiting to be made & swapped.  The basket contains all my hand made cards which I have put ready for the next fund raising.  They even have a card in front saying what's behind.  So organised! - for now - it won't last.

I am off to link this to WOYWW at The Stamping Ground, then start to have a look round & what you have all been up to.  Is WOYWW a new idea to you - then click on the link above & go see.  Have fun.


kay said...

shame about the sugar flowers but at least you had a back up,love your colourful bags,have a great week :)

Laura said...

Your desk is so cheerful and happy, I think it's all the colourful storage. Good luck with the next fund raising sale.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Sorry the flowers didn't work out but as you say it happens. Great desk shots, love your basket neatly sorted with your cards, mine are in a box! Take care & enjoy this weeks snoop of WOYWW desks. Zo xx 75

sandee said...

Sorry it didn't work out with the flowers, but then she did pick an unusual one! Love your card organization, and kudo's for making them for a fund raising! waving hi from my balcony in the hills of North Carolina :)

Shoshi said...

Lovely bright and cheerful creative space! Don't look on the flowers as a failure, Misty's Mum - it's all a learning experience, and nothing is ever wasted! (wise words from Shoshi's Mum lol!!)

Thanks for visiting my blog - glad you like the zentangles! Definitely do take them up again - such fun. Great idea to visit the blogs ending in the same number - there are too many to get round them all these days, i'm afraid!

I love your blog background. It's so pretty and delicate and vintage.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #12

Queen Of Toys said...

Sorry to hear about the sugar flowers. Love the bright colours on your desk a really creative space.

Happy crafting
Eliza No. 181

Darnell J Knauss said...

Love, love your great organization and that's an amazing basket of cards! Do let us know who makes those cute little clear and colored containers, please!

Neet said...

Sorry the sugar flowers did not work out - hope you were not too disappointed.
Thanks for sharing your lovely very colourful work area and desk.
Hugs, Neet #5 (who has candy on her blog) xx

SophieNewton said...

Sorry your flowers didn't work out, but your workspace looks fab. I love those stamps..are they cars?
Sophie no.183