Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A lovely thank you

Hi everyone

Last week I received the most beautiful thank you card that I felt I really had to share with you.  it came from a couple of ladies who attend one of my rubber stamping clubs, which makes it rather special.  Here it is

I don't think the photograph does it justice as it is in lovely shades of almost chocolatey (is that how it is spelt?) colours - along with that pale green butterfly.  It was very much appreciated - I just had to share it.  Thank you ladies - you know who you are.


sandra de said...

I agreee the card is beautiful.

Julia Dunnit said...

it's a lovely card, great contrast. I'm so late for WOYWW that I've been taking the time to browse other posts which I don't usually have a chance to do! All workshops are the local store takes a 50% deposit and we still get no-shows; you learn very quickly not to take it personally! Made me smile to think that your ladies were making pages that cold compromise them! No really,I know what you meant. And well done with the clearing on your desk..I fond the boxes on top are more useful than the draws because you don't have to move everything from in front of you to open a drawer. Wonder how you'll tackle the bed!