Sunday, 25 March 2012

just a little chat

Hi everyone
I have a suspicion that anyone who pops into my blog on a regular basis will be just a little mystified by my past posting (Friday 23rd) - not my usual sort of chatting.

Well! I will let you into a little secret - that post was meant for the blog I run for members of my clubs I run.  I just went to the wrong one that's all.  If I only had a brain!!!!!

Never mind, you now know I have 2 papier mache drawer units that will be on my desk (or the bed) awaiting altering.  They are only little drawer units - 3 drawers in each, really quite cute.  I am not even sure if I need them - what am I saying?  Of course I need them - but perhaps not right now. Anyway we will see how long before I actually get round to doing something with them & deciding what I am going to put in them.  Of course the next thing to think about will be where am I going to put them.

Thank you for popping in I assure you I am quite sane really - I just seem to lose the plot every now & again. :)

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