Friday, 23 March 2012

just chatting

Hi ladies

I had a really nice day today with my neighbour Sylvia - in our visit to "The Range".  We went to the Blackburn branch.

They have a reasonably good sized craft section - but a little of lots of things.  None the less I did find some good things.  I bought a set of unmounted stamps that were all cars.  I walked around the selection several times deciding I would buy them then changing my mind, then changing it again.  I also bought a couple of sets of papier mache drawer units.  I fancy doing some "altering" on them - ooh yes & a sort of picture frame with 3 recesses (also in papier mache).

The journey home was a little fraught as the M6 was really clogged up by a broken down lorry.

When I got home tonight I had an email from my friend about the flowers for the cake - her daughter has decided on fresh flowers.    So! now all I have to do is to make the sponge tier.

I hope you all have a really nice weekend - it looks like we are going to have some good weather - so have fun.

Night night - more tomorrow.

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