Friday, 16 March 2012

I need help with a card..................please

Well actually I need to make 2 cards - one for May & one for June.  The difficulty?  Why no creativity rushing to the fore?  Well there is some & I have only been asked today.
They are both for Indian weddings. 
Having started to ask this question of all you wonderful bloggers & card makers I realise I must go back to the lady requesting them to check the religious sect they are for, as this could affect some aspects of the design I would think.  I know she wants red & white on them & I would think some gold & bling would not go amiss. 

I have had a long day with 2 long drives - to & from an event - so I will put my brain in gear tomorrow.  In the meantime all ideas gratefully received & I will keep you posted.

Hope you have all had a fund day - have a great weekend.  I hope to catch up on my snoop around the WOYWW blogs - I am running late.   Many thanks to those of you have visited my desk & left lovely comments

Bye for now!

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Linny said...

Good luck with these cards Mistys mum. thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Looking through your cards you have some beautiful designs. Linda x