Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Just chatting

As I am trying to make sure I blog more often & now that I seem to be on a roll I thought I would pop back just for a little chat.

After joining WOYWW this morning - & by the way thank you to those ladies who commented on my blog - it makes me so happy to receive your comments - I too popped in & peeked at a few desks & left comments.  I sometimes feel so guilty about the state of my desk & try to tidy up - but now I don't - if your are constantly working on things the desk should never be tidy.  Well that is my excuse & I am sticking to it. A couple of ladies commented on my storage for my Promarkers - I had only just found them at a local craft shop - I haven't yet worked out where they are going to sit in my room but they are great for carrying the PM's around.  I have 5 in total - only 2 were on my desk.  I have been careful to put colours together so that they are easier to find.  Well they will be when I put some form of identification on each roll.  I just hope they are not an item that goes out of production as I buy more PM's.

As I mentioned in my full profile I run 3 rubber stamping clubs here in North Wales & I also have a club blog for the members.  Part of the blog is to wish a Happy Birthday to those members celebrating one.  I look to put something interesting in the post & have found several great animated images sites.  So this morning I revisited some of them & looked for some new ones to find new images for this year.  Also here in Wales it is St. Davids Day tomorrow (March 1) so I needed an image to celebrate with.  Isn't the Internet & Google wonderful - key in the right question or request & up comes just what you are looking for.  So by mid morning I had new images for birthday greetings, St Davids Day, St Patricks Day & ideas for other occasions too.

Then this afternoon was one of my treat myself days - a visit to the Chiropodist.  I always feel like I am walking on air when I come out of there.  Consequently not much - ok not any - crafting done today.  But tomorrow is another day.

Thank you for popping in - I hope to see you again.

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CraftyJo said...

I wouldn't bother feeling guilty about the state of your desk - it proves you are working on stuff and achieving! I saw a label on FaceBook this morning which made me smile :) it says:

"Organised people are just too lazy to look for things"

and on my sewing room door I've got an embroidered sign saying:

"A creative mess is better than a tidy idleness"

These are definitely good motto's I reckon.