Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A wedding

After my strange stamping day yesterday I had thought I would be sitting down today to better my results.  But no!

During the afternoon I received a phone call from a very dear friend to let me know that her daughter - my god-daughter - had fixed the date for her wedding.  Wednesday 4 April.  oh yes - this year.

There had been rumours last year of a wedding for this year then it was postponed - now it is definitely this year & not far away.  The reason I am so - wow! about it?  When it was first muted earlier last year I offered to make the cake as my present.  I have done this for family & friends for some time now.

Here we are 18 January & 4 April is about 11 weeks away. So lots of questions to be asked & answered - what shape cake?  How many people for?  What flowers & colour?  What type of cake?  How many tiers?  Fruit or sponge - or both?

Initially it was thought 80-100 people, simple style cake, shape unknown, fruit or sponge unknown, flowers - type colour unknown.  Well unsure not yet decided.

After asking all the questions I had another phone call about 90 minutes later - shape to suit you (me); white icing; about 150 people; one fruit (with alcohol) & one sponge; staggered presentation; flowers - tulips?  actually my god-daughter rather likes marzipan - can the flowers be made from marzipan.

Bear with me I might not be around for a while as I will need time to surf the net for - making tulips, making them from marzipan. Whilst I am talking tulips I have already found someone who has uploaded a picture of their wedding cake that had marzipan tulips on it - I am speechless I didn't think marzipan could look like that.

Of course there will be a very special wedding card to make & I am going to see if she would like me to make a "My wedding guests" album - so card making not forsaken.

For a little while now I have been a bit - get up & go - gone.............. I think it is about to return.

Thank you for popping by & perhaps you will pop by again over the next weeks to see how the cake is going.

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Deborah Frings said...

You're going to be rather busy!!! But what a lot of fun! Enjoy!