Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Two cards

After a weekend break in South Wales I thought I would settle down this afternoon & make some cards.

Do you ever get one of those sessions when it doesn't matter what you do it just isn't right?  That was my day today. I am sure beginners would have stamped better than I did today.

With this card I had an idea to use the flower image as you see it then just the flower head a little further along.  The full image on the first attempt smudged, second attempt stamped well - but not the partial image.  I hadn't placed it properly & got a smudgy part of the image that I did not want.  So, start again.  At last something I was happy with so moved to the colouring.  That went well.  I trimmed the card then coloured the edges with one of the Promarker pens.  Finally added the ribbon with a little faux bow & layered it all onto a card.

On this card I used the floral corner that I used the other day, this time stamping direct on the card.  Fortunately that part went well. But I didn't like my colouring so decided to stamp the flowers again colour them cut them out & place over the main image.   Didn't like that either after I had cut them out.  So back to the drawing - or stamping - board & stamp a new image, this time stamping went well as did colouring.  But this strange stamping session wasn't over yet.  I stamped the greeting in Versamark - not very well - so some of it didn't come out.  No point embossing it.  I am afraid this one is a cover up job - I allowed the versamark ink to dry then cover it with the flower, stamped & embossed the image, cut it out, & glued it to the flower. 

Both designs eventually clean & simple.  Both purple which I think echoed my mood.  Why is it that purple is a difficult colour to photograph - it is never true to the colour.

Thank you for popping in - why not come back tomorrow & see if I have a better day.


craftybren said...

Hope I can get this comment posted I am having trouble posting all I get is white pages.
Anyway if I get through hope today was better for you. I have lots of those days so here are some hugs

Misty's Mum said...

Thank you craftybren
Your comment did get through