Friday, 13 January 2012

cards completed

Hi, how has your day been. I hope you haven't suffered from it being Friday the 13th.

Today I settled down to turn those images from yesterday into cards.

The first one I worked on was the poppy & not having much success in finding good background in my stash I decided to make my own.l  Which is what I should do more often.  Some time back I found some Rainbow Inks in a box that I had forgotten about.  So I applied those to glossy card by using a homemade applicator & some strips of felt.  The colours I used were Posh Pink, Citrus, & Yellow.  The Citrus was a greeny yellow.  I dabbed them on to the glossy card & then smooshed them into a more solid colour. I then applied some more solution to the applicator & some more Posh Pink, then to finish dropped some pools of solution on to the card for some texture.   Surprisingly it all ended up a rather nice red.

I then layered the image onto a piece of white card on which I had created a green border using the Promarker with which I had coloured the leaves.  This was then layered onto the red card & the sentiment stamped in black.  The white base card I cut to a size to suit & decided it needed something down the side as a border.  I had a good look in my ribbon box but the reds weren't quite right.  On a shelf behind me was a large reel of white ribbon - so Promarkers once again to the rescue. I coloured the ribbon with one of the red Promarkers that I had used on the poppy.

I often have a problem with tying bows neatly - especially when I want the tails of the bow (in this case a faux bow) to run down the ribbon.  Over the Christmas period I stumbled on a video of how to tie bows neatly & so tried the method - looks like it works. (I will check my favourites because I am sure I saved it & put it in my next post).

The second image gave me quite a bit more of a test.  The floral corner.  After giving some thought to it I decided to cut around the corner with deckle edge scissors in a corner shape.  Then I found it a little more difficult as to what to do with it afterwards.  Silly me.

I had a good search through various papers but couldn't decide on one - then this green with a light pattern of leaves on went quite well.  It picked up the green in the leaves.  I then realised that the obvious shape card was a square one & the idea of cutting the triangle shape to layer the image on just dropped into place.  This time in my ribbon box I had the exact colour.  I stuck the ribbon down with double sided sticky tape then tied a faux bow which I also stuck in place with DSST.  The circular frame is part of the set that the corner image came with.  The Thank You & tiny butterfly are an integral part of the frame.

I am really quite pleased with these two cards.

Thank you for popping in & I hope you enjoyed reading about my crafting day.

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Deborah Frings said...

Love the poppy card - dramatic, elegant - just gorgeous! The border flowers are a lovely frame on the other card! Sounds like a fun day!