Wednesday, 25 January 2012

It's back

Before closing my computer - I checked again & the Browse option is back on photo upload.

Tomorrow I hope to enter a couple of challenges & therefore have fingers crossed that the Browse option doesn't disappear again so that I can upload my photos.

I haven't done much on here for a couple of days as I have been busy over on the blog for my rubber stamping clubs.

Help please

Good evening everyone

Is anyone else experiencing problems uploading photos to their blog via the browse button?  Actually the statement is wrong as the browse button seems to have disappeared.  i would rather not use Picasa Album - doesn't anyone have any idea?

Hope there is someone out there reading this - as there doesn;t seem to be anyone asnwering the problem on blogger help.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Do you like blog candy?

Hello again everyone
I have just been doing some blog peeking & over at CaroLines Creative Stamps there is some great blog candy on offer until 31 January.

Why not pop over & become a follower to be in with a chance of winning & see what Caroline has to say.  Whilst you are there take the time to look around at all her beautiful stamp designs & artwork.

Well! What do you think?

Good morning everyone!

For quite a while now I have been thinking of changing the appearance of my blog.  When I started I just chose an easy option through Blogger.

I was going to get help from a lovely lady called Ingrid from Cut Blog Layouts but eventually I chose the layout I wanted & asked for the instructions & as you can see - this morning I changed my layout.  There are still a couple of elements I haven't got as I want.  The page titles are not the right coloujr - except for "Home" - so still some work to do.

I love visiting other peoples blogs & sometimes it is nice to return to them & they look the same, but it is also nice to see a different look particularly around seasons.

Hope you like it.

I am off now to see what today's challenges are.

Back later - thank you for popping in - please comment on my changes.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Less Is More - Birds - card 2

Hi!  I am back again to show you my second card in the Less Is More challenge this week with the theme of birds.

I just love these two - they are delightful & the one on the right is obviously saying something to the other one.  But how was I going to make use of that?

I had an idea that there was a set of stamps with this kind of sentiment in it, so I had a good rummage & once again a freebie set came up trumps.  I needed to rummage as I have quite a few stamps that I haven't tidily stored - a new year job.  Anyway there it was just the thing I needed.  Now a little thought was needed as to where to put it on the card & how.  It is fairly obvious isn't it .... if one is speaking I needed a speech bubble.  I didn't have a bubble stamp so it was a case of a fine black pen, a deep breath & go for it.  Not bad. Really quite pleased.

Oh dear - time for some domestic tasks now.
'Bye for now - please drop by again soon, & I am always pleased to receive your comments.

Less Is More Challenge - Birds - card 1

Now! Birds!

I didn't think I was going to be able to join in this challenge over at Less Is More this week, as surprisingly I didn't possess a bird stamp.  Then on a visit to my local craft shop a c9ouple of days ago, I spotted 2 stamps - they were in a range that only costs £1.25 each & I could see that I would use them again so ........... I now have bird stamps.

The next problem to overcome then was which one to use?  Why not use both!

So here is my first card

I don't think storks have coloured tail feathers like that - but I thought she looked quite pretty & modern with them.

Very easy to do - I stamped with Versafine black ink & embossed with clear EP then coloured with Promarkers.  I needed a small congratulations & remembered that a really nice general set that came free with a newish stamping magazine & that it had a collection of sentiments in it.  There was just the size I required.  Stamped again in black Versafine & clear EP.

I am off to send this to Less is More then come back & show you the second card.

Thanki you for popping by.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A wedding

After my strange stamping day yesterday I had thought I would be sitting down today to better my results.  But no!

During the afternoon I received a phone call from a very dear friend to let me know that her daughter - my god-daughter - had fixed the date for her wedding.  Wednesday 4 April.  oh yes - this year.

There had been rumours last year of a wedding for this year then it was postponed - now it is definitely this year & not far away.  The reason I am so - wow! about it?  When it was first muted earlier last year I offered to make the cake as my present.  I have done this for family & friends for some time now.

Here we are 18 January & 4 April is about 11 weeks away. So lots of questions to be asked & answered - what shape cake?  How many people for?  What flowers & colour?  What type of cake?  How many tiers?  Fruit or sponge - or both?

Initially it was thought 80-100 people, simple style cake, shape unknown, fruit or sponge unknown, flowers - type colour unknown.  Well unsure not yet decided.

After asking all the questions I had another phone call about 90 minutes later - shape to suit you (me); white icing; about 150 people; one fruit (with alcohol) & one sponge; staggered presentation; flowers - tulips?  actually my god-daughter rather likes marzipan - can the flowers be made from marzipan.

Bear with me I might not be around for a while as I will need time to surf the net for - making tulips, making them from marzipan. Whilst I am talking tulips I have already found someone who has uploaded a picture of their wedding cake that had marzipan tulips on it - I am speechless I didn't think marzipan could look like that.

Of course there will be a very special wedding card to make & I am going to see if she would like me to make a "My wedding guests" album - so card making not forsaken.

For a little while now I have been a bit - get up & go - gone.............. I think it is about to return.

Thank you for popping by & perhaps you will pop by again over the next weeks to see how the cake is going.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Two cards

After a weekend break in South Wales I thought I would settle down this afternoon & make some cards.

Do you ever get one of those sessions when it doesn't matter what you do it just isn't right?  That was my day today. I am sure beginners would have stamped better than I did today.

With this card I had an idea to use the flower image as you see it then just the flower head a little further along.  The full image on the first attempt smudged, second attempt stamped well - but not the partial image.  I hadn't placed it properly & got a smudgy part of the image that I did not want.  So, start again.  At last something I was happy with so moved to the colouring.  That went well.  I trimmed the card then coloured the edges with one of the Promarker pens.  Finally added the ribbon with a little faux bow & layered it all onto a card.

On this card I used the floral corner that I used the other day, this time stamping direct on the card.  Fortunately that part went well. But I didn't like my colouring so decided to stamp the flowers again colour them cut them out & place over the main image.   Didn't like that either after I had cut them out.  So back to the drawing - or stamping - board & stamp a new image, this time stamping went well as did colouring.  But this strange stamping session wasn't over yet.  I stamped the greeting in Versamark - not very well - so some of it didn't come out.  No point embossing it.  I am afraid this one is a cover up job - I allowed the versamark ink to dry then cover it with the flower, stamped & embossed the image, cut it out, & glued it to the flower. 

Both designs eventually clean & simple.  Both purple which I think echoed my mood.  Why is it that purple is a difficult colour to photograph - it is never true to the colour.

Thank you for popping in - why not come back tomorrow & see if I have a better day.

Friday, 13 January 2012

cards completed

Hi, how has your day been. I hope you haven't suffered from it being Friday the 13th.

Today I settled down to turn those images from yesterday into cards.

The first one I worked on was the poppy & not having much success in finding good background in my stash I decided to make my own.l  Which is what I should do more often.  Some time back I found some Rainbow Inks in a box that I had forgotten about.  So I applied those to glossy card by using a homemade applicator & some strips of felt.  The colours I used were Posh Pink, Citrus, & Yellow.  The Citrus was a greeny yellow.  I dabbed them on to the glossy card & then smooshed them into a more solid colour. I then applied some more solution to the applicator & some more Posh Pink, then to finish dropped some pools of solution on to the card for some texture.   Surprisingly it all ended up a rather nice red.

I then layered the image onto a piece of white card on which I had created a green border using the Promarker with which I had coloured the leaves.  This was then layered onto the red card & the sentiment stamped in black.  The white base card I cut to a size to suit & decided it needed something down the side as a border.  I had a good look in my ribbon box but the reds weren't quite right.  On a shelf behind me was a large reel of white ribbon - so Promarkers once again to the rescue. I coloured the ribbon with one of the red Promarkers that I had used on the poppy.

I often have a problem with tying bows neatly - especially when I want the tails of the bow (in this case a faux bow) to run down the ribbon.  Over the Christmas period I stumbled on a video of how to tie bows neatly & so tried the method - looks like it works. (I will check my favourites because I am sure I saved it & put it in my next post).

The second image gave me quite a bit more of a test.  The floral corner.  After giving some thought to it I decided to cut around the corner with deckle edge scissors in a corner shape.  Then I found it a little more difficult as to what to do with it afterwards.  Silly me.

I had a good search through various papers but couldn't decide on one - then this green with a light pattern of leaves on went quite well.  It picked up the green in the leaves.  I then realised that the obvious shape card was a square one & the idea of cutting the triangle shape to layer the image on just dropped into place.  This time in my ribbon box I had the exact colour.  I stuck the ribbon down with double sided sticky tape then tied a faux bow which I also stuck in place with DSST.  The circular frame is part of the set that the corner image came with.  The Thank You & tiny butterfly are an integral part of the frame.

I am really quite pleased with these two cards.

Thank you for popping in & I hope you enjoyed reading about my crafting day.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Some stamping work in progress

Today I decided to sit & stamp some more images using stamps I had either just bought or had not used since buying.

I started with a set that was free with one of the magazines just before Christmas.  It consisted of a corner stamp, some small flowers, greetings, butterfly & a circular frame that holds the greetings or the butterfly.

Another reason for working this while whilst I don;t have an actual card to make is to get more used to using my Promarkers.  This image hasn't turned out too badly, & I think it will get turned into a card.

This image is so bold & beautiful - it is actually an anemone not a poppy so I will play with it some more tomorrow using anemone colours.  Now all I need to do is find the right background & embellishment - then I think this image too will be put on a card.

About a week ago I had a play with some Crafty Individual images.  I have had them a while but only used one of them once & have just realised that I didn't blog about them;

I am not happy with this one as the green just makes it look mucky - so I am not thinking about what colour to lay over the top to brighten it & make it a little more interesting. I used Distress Ink "Forest Moss".

I prefer this one which has been inked with Distress Ink "Victorian Velvet".  Again I may lay another colour over it - but will check backgrounds etc before I do that.

I will let you know how I get on.  Thank you for popping in - it was good to see you.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

CD Sunday Challenge - Sea Life

Well, at least that wind has dropped for a while & a moment or two ago the sun was actually shining & now it has become a little overcast again.

This week over at CD Sunday Challenge Blog the theme is - Sea Life. That for me would be a challenge as I don't have a lot to do with the sea in my crafting stash.  But - nonetheless I had to, & did find something.  I remembered that the Jayne Netley Mayhew CD's had some maritime images so I popped the CD in to have a look. 

Here is my card
I loved the image of these two angel fish & knew I had to do something with them.  On a search for some background paper I popped over to some MCS images & spotted this background paper with the word "Fascinate" repeated in different sizes & a description of the word.  To me it just summed up how these two fish looked.

I trimmed the background paper & layered it onto yellow card to pick up the colour in the fish.  I then also trimmed the image of the fishes & layered them onto the yellow card.  From another image of the fish I cut them out individually - but before that I covered the image in Versamark Ink & clear EP - then laid them over the image on double sided sticky pads.  Having decided the layout I needed a little something else & decided on the little pale yellow pearls as bubbles.  I also found some little shell buttons in a box, but they were cream with orange stripes on them.  A-ha! Promarkers to the rescue.  A bright yellow pen & the picture was complete.

The description of Fascinate?
"To attract and hold attentively by a unique power, personal charm, unusual nature, or some other special quality; enthrall"
I would say that sums up those two little fishes, wouldn't you?

Before closing for now, I would like to welcome a new follower - Deborah - thank you for joining me I hope you enjoy your visits.

Thank you everyone for popping in - please leave a message it is always nice to hear from you.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Less is More Colour Challenge

Happy New Year everyone.

Here I am with my first challenge entry for 2012 & a promise to myself to enter more challenges this year & blog more frequently.

So the challenge at Less Is More this week is colour - Predominantly Purple. Now purple, along with it's variations, is one of my favourite colours - how was I going to use it?  Having not joined in challenges much recently I found that the creative part of my mind was a bit slow kicking in. Here is the card -

Try as hard as I could I couldn't get the colour right in my photo this looks more blue.  Deep purple card with a Crafty Individuals image stamped on to white card with a Palette ink pad called Victoria Lilac.  Then layered onto silver paper.  The word I stamped in Versamark onto white card, then embossed with matt clear EP, & using a shaving style brush & the Palette ink pad coloured it to match the main image.  A quick brush over with a tissue let the word pop out.  This I then layered onto silver paper to match the image - ran a length of purple of ribbon through the tag & across the top of the card.  I just couldn't resist the little bit of bling.

Thank you for popping in.