Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Playing with My Craft Studio

Hello again everyone

Today I have had a play with My Craft Studio using some photos I took when on a day out in Portmeirion in North Wales.

You may know it as the village where  "The Prisoner" was set back in the 50's.  I want to do a scrapbook with the photographs I took that day - well not all of them as I took just over 100.  Then I had a thought that I could combine some of them within one photograph.

I aught to say that being a stamper I do create scrapbooks where the pages are decorated with stamping - but I really do enjoy some digital scrap booking too.  This particular page is more likely to be made into a card when reduced to just under A5 size.  I am also looking at printing off the various elements of this digital piece so that I can make a hybrid version.  I would then have to stamp to reproduce the flourish.

Now that I look at the photo above perhaps I should have chosen a photo of one of the hydrangeas I took, as there appears to be hydrangeas along the bottom of the main section.  But then - that makes a second page doesn't it?

Thank you for popping in again.  I look forward to you visiting again.

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