Sunday, 21 August 2011

Stage two of my images

Hi everyone
Well as I said I would I am popping back to show you the next stage of my work in progress images.

It's only a small step.  I will put the photos here & explain.

These are two of the three sentiment images that I stamped.  As I thought of doing, I have added a flower to the top of the flourish.

The centre of each flower has a small matching pearl drop & the flower itself is two layers.

I had a third image stamped but the flourish had not come out very well - so I decided to trim that away & then use the sentiment on its own.  But I didn't make a good job of trimming around it so I am afraid it had to go to the big waste bin in the sky.

The photo below shows the Celtic style tulips.  Of each pair that I stamped there was a small problem.  So I had to decided what to do about that.  As you can see I have coloured completely one of each pair & the other one I
have only partially coloured.  What I am hoping to do is to cut out the partial coloured image & layer it over the top of the fully coloured image.  It will be fiddly cutting but I think I can do it.  So we will see.  Should I not make a good job of the cutting I still have 2 good images to turn into cards.  These things must be tried.

So finally I am left with the four elegant ladies;
My straightforward idea is to separate them & mat & layer them giving me four lovely images.  But when I am ready to do that I will see what idea or ideas may come to mind.,

I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to move this little work set on to it's finished project.

Thank you for dropping by & please leave a comment it would be much appreciated.

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