Sunday, 21 August 2011

I'm still here

Hello - is there anyone there?

I cannot believe it has been one month since my last post. What on earth have I been up to!

After my holiday I had some preparation catching up to do with projects for my clubs & also for my workshops, then there are also domestic duties & family things.  So, it doesn't take long for the time to rush past.  I haven't even joined in a single challenge in this last month - but hope to put that to rights starting today.

So, I thought I had better start posting news of my stamping efforts & am going to cover my latest work in progress across a couple of posts.  I am not currently doing anything amazing just some honest to goodness rubber stamping.  I decided to prepare some images, then colour them or whatever I was going to do with them, then turn them into cards.

Here are some pictures of my basic stamping stage;

I love this sentiment about birthdays & use it quite a lot as the focal image on card rather than the sentiment inside.  Obviously it gets used that way too.

After I had stamped the image on to three white card pieces I realised I had left myself with a strange size leftover on the right of the image if I trimmed close to the image.

Then I had the idea to put something alongside to extend the design, & decided to use this rather nice flourish - which if I remember correctly comes from Dimension Fourth.  Two attempts & the image came out perfect, but the third one decided not to take properly.  I will therefore have to trim that one back to being just the sentiment.  My idea with the other two is to add a flower at the top of the flourish - so that will be stage 2 of work in progress on this one.

Next image is the Celtic style tulips.  I love this design too & it does get used rather a lot.  So you can see where I am going here with my easing back into stamping again - go with the familiar to start.  I stamped the image, as you can see, four times.  two of them have problems - the second one from the left the image has not come out in the middle.  Guess I wasn't applying the pressure in the right place!  Then the one on the far right - well the picture says it all doesn't it!  But that is not as big a problem as the other one as I can just trim that part away.  I have an idea what to do with the first set - but that's for stage 2.

This is the third image I worked with & once again it is a favourite of mine.  Fortunately this one worked out pretty well.  There is a tiny piece at the front of the hat on one of them that didn't ink too well but it doesn't show that much.

I saw it because I scrutinised it so closely.  The next stage with this image is to carefully cut between them to get four images.

After I had got this far & taken the photos I had a think about what I would do next & that was stage 2 which I carried out yesterday & have still to photograph.  So after a long spell of hearing nothing from me - there will be two posts today.

The other "play" I had yesterday was to make a multi fold / layer card that I had seen on the Internet called a "Six fold card" when it is finished I will do a post about it, but before I do I want to check the site I found it at so that I can give credit where it is due.

That's me for now - back later & I do hope my followers are still out there.

Have a good Sunday.  'Bye.

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CraftyJo said...

I'm here!!! :)

Nice to see you back here and stamping too.