Sunday, 28 August 2011

Final stages of my images ...

Hello everyone.
I do hope you are all enjoying this bank holiday weekend despite the rather unpleasant weather.  But we must be grateful that we are not experiencing the awful weather that our colleagues in New York & other States are suffering.  I am sure all our thoughts are with them.

This weekend I managed to complete the images that I started about a week ago & have already shown you some of the early stages.

The first photos are of the very elegant lady with her parasol;

I love this image & always leave it to makes it's own statement hence the minimum of embellishment.  On this one I mounted the image on to some quite dark gold card after having gone around the edge of the white card with some dark beige ink to age the card, then onto a black card.

On this pink shade the image has been layered on to some white card that has the edges coloured with the same ink as the ladies jacket to create a matching layering card.  Also I selected the peel off border because it had a similar look to the detail on the back of the jacket but I didn't want gold - so again I used the same ink as the jacket. What did we do before Promarkers?

Here is the blue version this time with the image layered with silver card & peel off border.  I also chalked the edge of the white card with pale blue to lift it a little.
and finally the green version.  This time the white card has been layered onto some dark green card but the peel off border has been coloured with Promarker pen in the lighter green.

The two remaining cards in this series are
first - the final one of the set with the birthday message.  It has been placed on a really bright pink card which was left over from making another card & it opens on the side not across the top.  The flower has a pink pearl in the centre & a couple of small ones have been put in the curves of the flourish.  The white card looked really stark so I coloured it with two shades of pink chalk.

Next & finally

The Celtic style tulips.  In this yellow version one of the prints had a problem so I needed to do some recovery work.  So I did something I rarely do - the image that had the faults was cut apart.  i cut away everything except the central flower & it's ste4m & the two curled leaves at the sides.  it was then placed over the complete image with sticky pads. The edge of the white card was brushed with pale yellow then green chalks & the peel off sentiment was coloured with green Promarker pens.  Some ribbon& a faux bow & it is complete.

I enjoyed that exercise & it has got my stamping mojo going again.

I hope you liked looking at my work & look forward to you visiting me again.  Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Next stage of my images ........

.......... well one actually.

Good evening everyone - nice to see you all again.

Here is the photo of the first completed card of my work in progress session.

Putting this together was quite a problem especially as I was thinking on the hoof so to speak.  But sometimes when I work like that I get better results than planned sessions.

Laying the sentiment on the red card - which by the way went well with the red flower - it looked awful.  White, stark & glaring.

I decided to distress the edges & used the most obvious choice -Fired Brick.  Some areas it is a bit heavier than others but as a personal choice - I quite like the effect.  It was finished off with some red sparkly ricrac braid.

I recently mentioned a multi-fold card that I had seen on the Internet that I was making - here are the photos of the finished item.  The photos start with the closed card complete with belly band - which in this example I have made using some ribbon.  The remaining photos show the card gradually being unfolded.  This is a delightful card & surprisingly easy to make.  I wish I had thought of it but I have to give credit to the person whose video I saw  - a lady called MariLynn. Click on her name to go to her website.

I need now to think of how to make this card in different sizes - the finished size as you look at it is about 3.5" square - the black card that the whole card sits on is 3.75" square.

No there is no need to adjust you computer screen - I made the card in black & white.  The pad of 6x6 papers I had were just right for decorating the different panels. I now want to make a Christmas one.

Well that is me for today I hope to bring you more tomorrow.

Thank you for dropping by

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Stage two of my images

Hi everyone
Well as I said I would I am popping back to show you the next stage of my work in progress images.

It's only a small step.  I will put the photos here & explain.

These are two of the three sentiment images that I stamped.  As I thought of doing, I have added a flower to the top of the flourish.

The centre of each flower has a small matching pearl drop & the flower itself is two layers.

I had a third image stamped but the flourish had not come out very well - so I decided to trim that away & then use the sentiment on its own.  But I didn't make a good job of trimming around it so I am afraid it had to go to the big waste bin in the sky.

The photo below shows the Celtic style tulips.  Of each pair that I stamped there was a small problem.  So I had to decided what to do about that.  As you can see I have coloured completely one of each pair & the other one I
have only partially coloured.  What I am hoping to do is to cut out the partial coloured image & layer it over the top of the fully coloured image.  It will be fiddly cutting but I think I can do it.  So we will see.  Should I not make a good job of the cutting I still have 2 good images to turn into cards.  These things must be tried.

So finally I am left with the four elegant ladies;
My straightforward idea is to separate them & mat & layer them giving me four lovely images.  But when I am ready to do that I will see what idea or ideas may come to mind.,

I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to move this little work set on to it's finished project.

Thank you for dropping by & please leave a comment it would be much appreciated.

I'm still here

Hello - is there anyone there?

I cannot believe it has been one month since my last post. What on earth have I been up to!

After my holiday I had some preparation catching up to do with projects for my clubs & also for my workshops, then there are also domestic duties & family things.  So, it doesn't take long for the time to rush past.  I haven't even joined in a single challenge in this last month - but hope to put that to rights starting today.

So, I thought I had better start posting news of my stamping efforts & am going to cover my latest work in progress across a couple of posts.  I am not currently doing anything amazing just some honest to goodness rubber stamping.  I decided to prepare some images, then colour them or whatever I was going to do with them, then turn them into cards.

Here are some pictures of my basic stamping stage;

I love this sentiment about birthdays & use it quite a lot as the focal image on card rather than the sentiment inside.  Obviously it gets used that way too.

After I had stamped the image on to three white card pieces I realised I had left myself with a strange size leftover on the right of the image if I trimmed close to the image.

Then I had the idea to put something alongside to extend the design, & decided to use this rather nice flourish - which if I remember correctly comes from Dimension Fourth.  Two attempts & the image came out perfect, but the third one decided not to take properly.  I will therefore have to trim that one back to being just the sentiment.  My idea with the other two is to add a flower at the top of the flourish - so that will be stage 2 of work in progress on this one.

Next image is the Celtic style tulips.  I love this design too & it does get used rather a lot.  So you can see where I am going here with my easing back into stamping again - go with the familiar to start.  I stamped the image, as you can see, four times.  two of them have problems - the second one from the left the image has not come out in the middle.  Guess I wasn't applying the pressure in the right place!  Then the one on the far right - well the picture says it all doesn't it!  But that is not as big a problem as the other one as I can just trim that part away.  I have an idea what to do with the first set - but that's for stage 2.

This is the third image I worked with & once again it is a favourite of mine.  Fortunately this one worked out pretty well.  There is a tiny piece at the front of the hat on one of them that didn't ink too well but it doesn't show that much.

I saw it because I scrutinised it so closely.  The next stage with this image is to carefully cut between them to get four images.

After I had got this far & taken the photos I had a think about what I would do next & that was stage 2 which I carried out yesterday & have still to photograph.  So after a long spell of hearing nothing from me - there will be two posts today.

The other "play" I had yesterday was to make a multi fold / layer card that I had seen on the Internet called a "Six fold card" when it is finished I will do a post about it, but before I do I want to check the site I found it at so that I can give credit where it is due.

That's me for now - back later & I do hope my followers are still out there.

Have a good Sunday.  'Bye.