Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Workshop projects

Hello everyone & welcome.

I haven't done much blogging recently as for just over 2 weeks I was away on holiday & then the other weeks bringing me up to now have been reasonably busy getting back to normal.

Today I worked on some projects for workshops that I will be doing over the coming months & thought I would pop in & show one to you.

I do not remember where I saw this project - but I have been making it for quite a while now, the first one a good 3 or 4 years ago.  I call it a Gift box card - because that's what it is - a card & gift box combined.

This project can be made any size as its measurements are based on the size of the gift that is going to be put in the drawer.

I created this one based on measurements of 6" x 4" x 1".

It is created in 3 sections - the drawer or tray, the sleeve that holds the drawer in place & the outer book style cover.

This one is made from a pale blue card & I found some pretty floral paper that was blue based to go with it.

The "thank you" sentiment has been put onto the reverse side of an off cut.

As well as the papers there were some matching flowers - so I cut around 3 of them & attached them to the bottom.  To tidy the floral layer I edged the long sides with silver peel off borders.

Here is the view of the inside also showing the drawer slightly open.

The inside has another layer of floral paper this time in blue.  Again I used the reverse side of an off cut to create the panel for the message.

The only thing I haven't done to this one yet is put something on one of the ends of the drawer for pulling it open.  Although it isn't essential as you can push gently on the end in much the fashion of opening a match box.

I have had some disasters in the past with this design where scoring lines are not right & the finished project ends up leaning to one side.  Not this one - I used the Hougie board for the scoring & everything fitted just perfect.

Thank you for popping by - I hope you like my little project & perhaps I will have something else to show you soon,.


Uhooi said...
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Uhooi said...
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Caroline Rawcliffe said...

That's very pretty.