Friday, 15 July 2011

Photos you long to take

Hello everyone
Apart from my passion for making cards especially with rubber stamping I have a passion for photography - I only have a fairly simple point & shoot digital camera. Although you can govern some of the process.

I enjoy taking photos of flowers & nature - some of my sunset photos have appeared here.  One of the photos I have always wanted to achieve has been that of a lake scene where the sky & banks etc are reflected in the water.  My holiday this year (just a couple of weeks ago) in Brittany was where I finally achieved this ambition.  I am so pleased with the result.  Here it is for you to see;

Isn't it beautiful?

I took this picture on the evening of the first day of my visit to the area. It was a beautiful sunny & reasonably clear evening.  The water was like a mill pond or sheet of glass.

There is a rather nice restaurant behind me as I take this picture & that is where we were going for our meal that evening.

It was my birthday - but that is another story.

I revisited this lake just before the end of my holiday & the weather had changed & so had the appearance of the lake.  It was a grey day & the surface of the lake was rippled.

I often use my photographs that turn out well for greetings cards.  With the help of  My Craft Studio I can create my own matching backgrounds & inserts.  I think this picture is going to be one of my new ones.

Another photo I have always wanted to take was also achieved on this same holiday.  A photo of something in nature - I could not think of the way to describe this but I think the photo will explain.

In the last stages of our drive to the start of our holiday gite we stopped in a little picnic area where there was a little stream running through a really nice green area.  Photos of water, especially waterfalls are another of my photo passions.

But as we walked over a little bridge we spotted damsel flies all over the greenery.

I never dreamt for one moment I would manage to catch one.  One problem was that it was so sunny I couldn't clearly see the picture that I had in my screen.  Of course they also move very fast - they do not settle for long.  But look at that - I got him!  It was a shame that his wings were closed - but even so.  They were absolutely beautiful - a brilliant shade of dark blue shot with other colours.

It just shows - take the picture - you never know how it will turn out.  If you don't take it you will always wonder what you missed.

I am such a happy snapper.

Thank you for visiting & I hope you like my photos.

More crafting news later.

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CraftyJo said...

Lovely photos Gloria, we tried to capture the Mosel last year the same way (there was no river traffic for several days so it was nice and still) - it will make a lovely background for a card.