Sunday, 12 June 2011

Crafty Individuals workshop

Hello - oh dear where has the sun gone!

Yesterday I didn't mind the rain as I was attending a workshop with Jean & Malcolm from Crafty Individuals who were running the workshop for a stamp club that I am a member of.

It was a most pleasant day & I found it very relaxing & therapeutic to just sit there & create.  Jean started the day off by explaining what we would be making & how around the hall there were many of her stamps to use & tables of embellishments & papers as well .   

The first project we made was a pendant that held one of Crafty Individuals little pictures that they have in book & sheet form 

The clear resin cover also magnifies the image beneath it.  This was a really nice easy project to start with & I didn't do much else other than stamp a butterfly on the image in white ink.

I think if I had selected an image with a lighter background I might have been tempted to do some more stamping on it - but I am still pleased with it.

Next we started to prepare the little framed project.  These are made of chipboard & take inks very well,. I had an octagonal shape as you can see.  It comes in two parts - well 4 actually as there are 2 small pieces that go together to make the stand.  Then the frame itself is in 2 parts, a solid back part & the aperture front. 

For every step of all of those projects we made there was a large choice of materials.  There were so many to choose from that I changed my mind several times before arriving at what I would actually work with.  Trouble is at the moment I seem to lean towards blue & purple colours & it is very hard to break.  So it was blue again for this project.

After selecting the paper I drew around it to get the shape for the lining, & then glued it to the inside of the back piece. For a while I toyed with the idea of putting the same paper around the frame.  Then I looked at that lovely curly shape & changed my mind as I felt I wouldn't be able to cut around it very neatly.  So instead I inked the frame with Adirondack Denim ink pad.  I also lightly rubbed Stonewashed over it after - it just softened the Denim a little.  Coloring the edges was the hardest part & was necessary even though I was going to be covering the outer edge of the frame with some braid. Whilst the ink was drying I decided how to decorate the frame.  In the end I stamped a little butterfly in black archival ink around the edge.  I then stamped 2 of a larger version of the butterfly onto the paper scraps from the frame lining paper.  Then after searching through the items available to us I found some paper flowers & gems.  I then glued one of the butterflies to the frame & the second one top of it by the body only - some flat gems highlight its body.  Then the flowers were placed at the opposite diagonal with some more gems to decorate them.  The central flower came with gems attached.  Oh yes, by the way - I did get inky fingers doing this project.

We had been given one of the lovely patterned tags to use for another project, & by the end of the afternoon session I had actually decorated two tags.

Now the biggest problem I have here is that these tags are so pretty I don't actually want to cover them with anything else.

But, I am just getting a little deeper into altering things so this was another gentle way to do some more.  I did actually stamp on this label - you should be able to see the flourish stamp at top right & bottom left.

Then it was back to more paper flowers to add to the decoration.  The one in the top right corner actually has a rather posh floral brad through it.  It's a silvery coloured filigree flower with a deep pink pearl-type brad in the centre that had been in my embellishment stash for some time.

I then found 3 more pink paper flowers & finished them off with some more flat gems.  Some pretty pink lace was used for the ties, after layering the tag onto some bright pink card.

Next came another tag - oh dear look - I am back to blue again, although it does have some other colours on it.

I tried this time to do more work on this & used one of the lovely frames we had been given which I inked - this time using a pale blue Promarker.  The card the frames are made of were slightly shiny & some inks were not drying on them. 

Then I used another of my flourish stamps to decorate the little frame.  I chose one of the butterfly pictures from the many available to us to go inside the frame.

Then after deciding where to place it I found a similar butterfly which I glued to the rectangle of card that had been the centre of the frame.

This was then placed at the top of the tag with a few flat gems each side of it.

I bought a couple of packs of those tags & I am going to try & be a bit more adventuresome with them.  So! watch this space I may let you see what I do.

This morning I discovered that Jean has a blog & have added myself as a follower.  I will add a link to the shop & blog on my main page.

Thank you for stopping by - hope you enjoyed reading about my day.

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Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Some super projects you've made here. You must have had a wonderful day.