Monday, 16 May 2011

Getting quite bold

Hello everyone - thank you for stopping by

I really am getting quite bold & adventuresome  (is that a word!).  Yesterday whilst having a look through some of the forums on the Splitcoast Stampers website I spotted a message from a lady enquiring about the V-fold card she had been sent.  As various people responded it looked like she was talking about the Art Deco card that can be made with the Hougie Board.

This is where the boldness comes in.  I brashly went without any fear of heights & possible disasters & posted a message saying I had instructions for that card & would try posting it to the forum.  Then shortly afterwards I had an email from one of the ladies asking for the instructions to be in inches.  Well! the instructions I had were in centimetres.  So that meant engaging the brain for another set of instructions.  Anyway this morning I successfully uploaded a word document with instructions & a rather Heath Robinson diagram.  The instructions were not for the Hougie Board but for any scoring board & also at the end how to do it without any scoring board at all.  I now wait for feedback - good or bad - which I asked anyone reading them to do.

Once I am sure they are OK & people can make sense of them I am going to put them as a tutorial here along with photos.  But that won't be just yet.

Thank you for dropping by I look forward to your next visit.

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Anonymous said...

Your instructions were great! I'm looking forward to when you post with photos and/or a diagram but I think I'll be able to make the card just by following what you wrote. Thanks for being so brave!