Monday, 25 April 2011

What did I do in March?

Hi again!
Now to show you my work during March.  Here is the slide show;

Quite a mixture this month.  The white embossed cards were from a pack with everything included - all the little embellishments plus 15 cards & envelopes.  Fifteen cards! - for £4-99.  At that price they were ideal for some fund-raising cards. I am not sure why I took a picture of one of them without any embellishments added.

The funky cat, pretty butterfly & flowers were some "free stamps" with a magazine.  There must have been about 20 stamps - so quite small most of them - but great to use.  The decorative paper came with them too.  I rather enjoyed stamping those - so the other day I sat & stamped some more - they are sitting on my work desk ready to be made into cards.  Aah! I suppose that is really April work isn't it!

I hope you enjoyed looking at more of my work.

I am now going to surf the net for this weeks challenges.  I have already entered the Sunday CD Challenge for this week - & in fact managing to be the second person to upload their work.  Really good for me as normally it is last minute uploading.

Hope you will drop by again.

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Christine said...

You were busy in March, lovely cards and nice to have some ready, just in case.
Christine xx