Monday, 25 April 2011

Thoughts about my blog

As I sit here thinking about my blog & the long gaps that sometimes occur between blogging sessions I wondered why that was as I seem to craft quite a lot. Then I realised the answer -- I tend to talk about most of my work as I complete it, on my other blog.  My "other" blog is the one that I created, & write for, for the rubber stamp clubs that I run & obviously as well as their work & information about the meetings I need to show them that I do do some work too. So it is getting put on there & not on here. I will have to put that to rights - I am sure I can blog differently here to how I do on the club blog.

Way back in January I did put HERE a slide show of the things I had created during that month.  But I haven't done it since.  I seem to only blog when I enter a blog challenge & sometime there are gaps between doing that too. So today I am going to correct that omission & write twice more after this one, showing February's work & March's work.  Then I will try & remember to show each months creations at the end of the month - so in about a week I should be able to show April's work.

Although, as I mention in my profile I am at heart a rubber stamper - I enjoy card making in most craft forms.  So the cards in the slide shows will vary in content.

I hope someone has popped by to read this entry & I am now off to produce my slide shows for the next 2 blogs.

'Bye for now.


CraftyJo said...

I've popped by!!!

Just looked at the slideshows too, it's amazing how productive you can be without realising it at the time isn't it?

And as for only blogging when you enter a challenge and leaving gaps...I think we're all guilty of the same :) I know I am!

Christine said...

I've popped by too !!

Great idea of slideshows, you are very productive. Hope to see you blogging more now LOL
Christine xx