Saturday, 30 April 2011

Passing on the award

Good afternoon everyone
After receiving the blog award I have to do the following;

Pass the award to 7 other blogs recently discovered
Post a list of 7 random things about myself.

The first part was not so difficult, as I had spent the last couple of weeks looking into blogs I had not been to before.  Here is my list;

I have visited these blogs several times recently & the only thing I have not done is leave a comment.  This is
a very important thing for visitors to do I think & now that I am getting more comments I appreciate how much this means.  My next task regarding those blogs is to go & leave a message for them about the award.

The second thing is the 7 random things about myself - now that was difficult, but lets see what there is I can tell you;
1.   I am a Cancerian, & true to the sign I love water
2.   I love photography - especially waterfalls & lakes (see 1!!)
3.   Rubber Stamping is my main craft - but I don't do enough
4.   I have a thing for vintage cars
5.  My favourite colours are lilac/purple & shades of blue
6.   Love using craft CD's - especially MCS
7.   Would love a flight in a hot air balloon - but do not like flying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I need to make another posting with my rather late entry for CD Sunday challenge this week.

Thank you for popping in


Julie said...

Hi just want to say thanks for thinking of me and to let you know that it's a little hard to return your visit as your profile is not public. Meant I had to search on Google rather than just clicking on your name. Thanks again.

Eileen said...

Woohoo thanks so much for following my blog and this award as well .... Pleased you have updated your profile it is easy now to find you! I have put a link to you on my last post .... Stamping is my main 'enjoyment' too! E x