Friday, 29 April 2011

An Award!

What a lovely few days my little blog & I have just had.

At the beginning of the week finding I had won a prize over at CD Sunday & then yesterday a message from Sue at Sue's Crafty Corner presenting me with a blog award.  How cool is that.  Am I too old to use the word cool?

Here is the award &, as part of receiving it, I have to pass it to 7 other blogs that I have just discovered. There are a couple of other things to do as well, which I will do tomorrow.  Like many of you I suspect, I have spent a lot of the day watching the Royal Wedding - what a beautiful day it was & didn't they look happy.  Every best wish to them both for many happy years to come.

The award;
The first thing I must do is go over to Sue's blog & leave her a thank you message.  Then tomorrow I must complete the other items that are part & parcel of this award.  Thank you so - I am so pleased.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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CraftyJo said...

Congrats Gloria - how nice (cool!) to win the blog award.

I enjoyed watching the wedding yesterday, they make a lovely couple and I do hope they can cope with all the media attention they'll be bombarded with for the rest of their lives!